Celebrating 15 years of Innovation: Part 2 – Our People

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – November 25, 2014

we are vectorform

Started in 1999 as a 5 person start-up based in Detroit, MI, Vectorform has transformed over the past 15 years into an award winning company with 120+ employees in 5 offices around the globe. As we’ve grown, our culture has remained strong and each person who has joined the Vectorform team has been a major contributor to our success. As CEO & Co-Founder, Jason Vazzano, puts it,

“The Vectorform office culture is as fun and diverse as the industries it serves. The halls of Vectorform are full of smart, passionate, talented people, joined by the occasional office dog – giving the company a west-coast start-up feel. The flexible schedule and lack of dress code provides an open and respectful environment where individual contributions continue to shape the culture of the company. The open floor plan allows the group to switch between heads down production or tuning into the latest industry announcements at a moment’s notice.” CBS Detroit, October 2012 – Royal Oak’s Vectorform, 12-Year-Old ‘Overnight Success,’ Is Hiring

So, what does our team have to say about their time here? I talked with some Vectorformers to learn more about their (and our) achievements, the projects they’ve been a part of, and what it is that they most enjoy about working here. Here’s what they had to say….

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Celebrating 15 years of Innovation: Part 1 – Our Story

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – November 18, 2014


How we rose from the dust of the dotcom bust…

This month marks 15 years since Vectorform was launched out of a small office in a storage garage facility in Davisburg, MI. Back in 1999, there wasn’t the investment support for tech start-ups like there is today. Our co-founders had to get started the old fashioned way, by using credit cards and loans for funding to get Vectorform off the ground.

Over the course of this 10 part blog series, we’ll take look back on how we got started, how we’ve grown and where our continuing growth will take us. Though many things have changed in the past 15 years, one thing that remains the same is our passion for innovation and inventing cutting edge digital experiences.

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Employee Spotlight: Vito DiMercurio

Posted by Aimee Dooling – October 6, 2014


Vito DiMercurio

Position: Director of Execution

Year at VF: 5

Years in the technology industry: 16 Read more


VF Culture Series: Games

Posted by Aimee Dooling – September 11, 2014

VF Culture – Games from Vectorform on Vimeo.

Workplace culture is a topic that has always fascinated me. Every organization’s is different. When I have the opportunity to chat about Vectorform’s culture, which is pretty much any time I can squeeze it into a conversation, I feel there is only one way to describe it. It’s like electricity; every day I walk through the door and while I can’t see it, I can feel it! I know it’s there, and it has an effect on everything! Read more

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Employee Spotlight: Pam Mendoza

Posted by Aimee Dooling – September 2, 2014

Pamela Mendoza

Pam Mendoza

Position: UX Specialist

Years at Vectorform: 1.5

Years in the technology industry: 3

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OFFF Cincinnati 2014 – Design Conference Recap

Posted by John Einselen – August 13, 2014

10489816_10152542756561462_9196131863847717514_nWe’re lucky here in Detroit Michigan; the only OFFF conference held in the United States is just a 5 hour drive down to Cincinnati Ohio. After attending the “big brother” OFFF conference in Barcelona this year, I was anxious to see how this shorter single-day affair would turn out.

Well, it was fantastic.

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Employee Spotlight: Andy Case

Posted by Aimee Dooling – August 4, 2014
Andy with his beautiful wife Feionna.

Andy is the one with the beard and it’s a rare occasion to find him in a suit!

Andy Case

Position: Interactive Project Manager

Year at VF: 1 1/2

Years in the technology industry: 4

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Tech Conferences and Corporate Workplaces

Posted by Tim Miko – July 24, 2014


This past May, I was able to attend self.conference 2014, a tech meetup in Detroit that, “combines killer tech presentations with insightful soft talks.” The keynote by Angela Harms was titled, “Careful with those People Skills: You’ll Poke Somebody’s Eye Out!” The rest of the conference consisted of business and tech professionals alike giving talks on subjects from, “Empathy as a Superpower,” to, “From Napkin to App.” Read more

Framework Design & Development: Everything You Wanted to Know, but Were Afraid to Ask

Posted by Vito Dimercurio – July 11, 2014


From Event Planners to the CEOs of major companies, the reach of applications for smart devices has become a common tool to coordinate information among large groups of users. It’s easy to think that you always need to build an application from the ground up, but this is often not the case – especially when many modern applications have common configuration, connection, and feature similarities. In these instances, a reusable framework can be more appropriate and cost effective.

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Amazon Fire Phone – a Seattle Reaction

Posted by Vito Dimercurio – July 3, 2014

The Tech Industry in general is notoriously harsh on its colleagues, peers, and competitors.  Here in Seattle though – we take it a step further… More like a pack of Cascade Wolves running down an injured fawn.  We are an area of really smart people, who are innately distrustful of really smart people.  Rolling out a new tech service or product is tenuous at best but more often than not – just plain perilous.

Enter the Fire Phone.  Amazon is obviously not new to the tech industry and they very rarely enter a market without being certain they can dominate it.  But as they say, “There is a first time for everything.”, and this could be Amazon’s time.  Some would say the decision not to stream the launch keynote was the first nail in the coffin, but that being said – there are some veins of gold spread throughout this otherwise lackluster product launch.

Technophiles, like a good gearhead – need to first evaluate the specs (cue up the Tim Allen cave man grunts), so let’s take a look: Read more

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