Office Spaces

Posted by Administrator – January 22, 2007

Vectorform has grown a lot in the last few years. In our old building (left photo) we occupied only a single floor loft in the heart of Detroit. We moved in the summer of 2005 to our new HQ offices in Royal Oak — complete with landscaping, attached parking and lots of square footage.


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Car Trouble?

Posted by Administrator – January 18, 2007

While Sumit soaks up the warm weather in India, it’s good to know that his car is safely preserved under a thick sheet of ice here in Michigan.

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Building a brand takes hard work… literally

Posted by Administrator – January 16, 2007

Each Vectorform promotional brochure is assembled by hand in our Royal Oak office.

Manually building each packet in a group (separate, collate, punch, bind) echoes our process for developing websites and services.

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So, you’d like a career in IT

Posted by Administrator – January 15, 2007

You’d like a career in Information Technology? No problem, just tell us which one of these cables points to the Exchange Server.

The above photo is a glimpse of the Vectorform master control room. Call us to schedule a tour…

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Apple iPhone

Posted by Vectorform – January 9, 2007

Wow… what else can you say? Can’t wait til June.

Here are some specs…

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Flash RSS Reader

Posted by Vectorform – January 4, 2007

Threw together a Yahoo News RSS reader…

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