The Good Old Days

Posted by Administrator – April 17, 2007

I just found these photos I snapped in June of 2005. They’re interior shots of the old VF office in downtown Detroit.

I think these photos were for a potential Super Bowl rental plan. I remember purposely flooding them with light to make the space look bigger. We never did rent out the office.

Although the animal print couch is still safe and sound in Kurt’s office, most of the computers have been turned into QA workstations.

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Character Assassination

Posted by Administrator – April 3, 2007

Game addiction comes and goes at a pretty quick clip here in the office:

So, we built our own! It’s called Character Assassination.

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Zeldman Speaks

Posted by Administrator – April 3, 2007

I ran across this quote on in a post about big companies, growth, mergers and buyouts:

I worked at other places over the years. The great ones were small and created their own cultures. The not-so-great ones had almost always been good until they got too big.

It reminds me of Vectorform’s small, but mighty, core team.

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