New York Sunset

Posted by Administrator – January 28, 2008

Birds captured at sunset by Frances in the Brooklyn office.

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What is Flex?

Posted by Administrator – January 18, 2008

Ted Patrick from posted a great overview of what Flex is and what it is capable of.


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Flash Player 9 Update 3

Posted by Administrator – January 18, 2008

Many of you already know that the latest version the Adobe Flash Player supports MPEG-4 and H.264 video, as well as AAC Audio, which this would seem like old news. But that is not what this post is about. The new video capabilites grabbed a whole lot of attention as it should, but I was intrigued to see a small line item that just caught my eye and many probably missed.

From the Adobe Labs site:
“Support for caching common platform components, such as the Flex framework, to reduce average application sizes. This feature is enabled in the Flex 3 beta available on Adobe Labs. ”

This was a feature I had been hoping for ever since I started working with Flex. The Flex framework adds a minimum of 100K to you flash movie(not to mention additional components and 3rd party libraries) , and that just seemed like a ridiculous thing to have to download ever time you hit the site. This is also a large reason people shy away from using Flex to begin with, too much overhead. I always thought, why not just embed all the components and libraries in the player to begin with and be done with it. Well, this would increase the download size of the Flash player, and I know Adobe wants to always keep that as small as possible to make getting in onto your machine as easy as possible.

The genius that came up with that idea, I applaud you.

[Adobe Labs]

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Papervision 3D Basic Example

Posted by Administrator – January 10, 2008

This is a basic example using Papervision 3D. There are so many complex version out there, I just wanted to make something that was fairly simple to get started using the built in shapes. You will need the latest stable version of Papervision if you don’t already have it. you can download it here.

Check it out

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Flex Toggle Panel

Posted by Administrator – January 10, 2008

You’ll see in this example there is virtually no ActionScript. It is all done with MXML using states.

Check it out

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Making the move from Flash to Flex

Posted by Administrator – January 10, 2008

A lot of people get confused about when to use flex and when to use flash and the benefits / drawbacks of each. It really depends on the nature of the project, but for the most part I always recommend using Flex (at least if you are a developer). Even if the project is an ActionScript only project, you can still benefit from the Eclipse development environment. The only thing you loose when using Flex is access to the Flash Library, but you can still use Flash in combination. There is a couple ways to do this, which I will explain in future posts.

Some benefits of using Flex for AS3 projects:

  1. Shared class libraries between projects.
  2. Easily Package and distribute code.
  3. Subversion support for version controlling your code (via eclipse plugin)
  4. Advanced Search and Replace capabilities.

Some drawbacks of using Flex for AS3 projects:

  1. No Timeline!
    • But you can use “Copy Motion as AS3″ which I’ll cover in a later post
  2. No Library!
    • But you can embed assets from a compiled flash movie into your Flex project
    • Or you can use the new Flex component kit for Flash CS3 and actually embed a flash project into flex and control it from your flex project

I’ll cover some of the details of these techniques in future posts.

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Welcome to the new Vectorform Flash blog.

Posted by Administrator – January 8, 2008

This blog was created to share our ideas about Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR development and news. Be sure to check back for news, examples and ideas. In addition we have launched a Flex showcase site displaying canada pharmacy online all of viagra sales the examples canada pharmacy with quick downloads and source views. You can view the site at Also, Don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed and add it to your favorite RSS Reader.

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