Beemin’ a Surface Auto Configuration

Posted by Vectorform – December 3, 2008

It all started with the BMW x6 Surface Configurator Prototype. We kicked that out in abnormally fast time…thanks in part to our world traveling German Creative Director who spent at least six sleepless weeks in our Michigan office. In all fairness, our tech team didn’t sleep either. canadian pharmacy online The end result: The prototype was a huge success, for Vectorform and for BMW. This led us to the BMW 7-series Surface Configurator, created by Vectorform to ultimately enhance the BMW dealership purchasing experience, starting with the mother dealership—BMW Welt. And yes, many, many more sleepless nights… So what is it? The BMW 7-series Surface Configurator allows customers to personalize and fully experience the BMW brand through an intuitive and Natural User Interface (NUI). While customizing their automobile, customers are immersed in a sensory experience by using real paint chips, leather, trim and rim samples. Interactive designs allows a 360° view of interior and exterior images, giving customers the ability to fully explore their custom configuration. The BMW Surface Configurator allows for saving and building a virtual garage of configurations and to further the overall experience, customers can view BMW lifestyle videos, digital images, spec sheets of various automobiles and copy them to an external USB drive.

BMW 7-Series Surface Configurator

BMW 7-Series Surface Configurator

We think this was a perfect use of the Surface platform and real world objects. Being able to configure a car or anything for that matter, by use of tactile real world objects opens up a ton of possibilities. We are excited where this will lead Surface application development in the B2C market. Big thanks to everyone who made these projects possible from the Surface guys at Microsoft, the wonderful folks at BMW and the Creative and Tech teams at VF who pulled it all together. SKOAL!

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