“Extra” Praise for a Job Well Done

Posted by Vectorform – August 30, 2009

America’s top celebrity news and gossip show just got a little juicier. Vectorform recently collaborated with ExtraTV to develop a unique application for the Microsoft Surface. A simple and fun interface was created to show host Mario Lopez how to interact with videos and images using multi-touch gestures and a natural user interface. The application supports telestration- in case Mario wants to draw a fake moustache on Paris Hilton! Celebrity content can be sent to the Surface via remote access for on-the-fly updates. Best of all, Vectorform’s one and only Alison Weber had the opportunity to sit down with Mario Lopez and show him how to use the application. Mario was a joy to work with and a very quick learner on the new technology.  As a result of our efforts, ExtraTV has extended its glowing praise on a job well done to Vectorform.

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Vectorform on Microsoft’s Silverlight Website

Posted by Administrator – August 4, 2009

Vectorform was pleasantly surprised to discover that its Silverlight project for the new Tata Motors’ Nano is currently featured on Microsoft’s Silverlight website! The profile even features a video of Vectorform’s Hyderabad President explaining the concept of the custom made application. Vectorform was presented with the task of providing customers the opportunity to create their own Nano vehicle in 450 dealerships across India, as well as on the web, as an alternative to having the car physically present. Vectorform is honored that Microsoft decided to share the project with the world!

Learn more about the Tata Nano Experience here.

Nano Experience

Posted by Administrator – August 4, 2009


Vectorform called upon its years of experience in UI design and development to create an exciting, intense, yet intuitive Silverlight experience for Tata Motors. This experience had to allow users to learn anything and everything about the new Tata Nano. Because the car could not physically be in the dealerships, the application had to give an extremely accurate and detailed depiction of the car.

To accomplish this, Vectorform developed an external 360 view of the car, highlighting key features and unique selling points. Also included in the application was a comprehensive photo and video Media Gallery, a Deep Zoom experience to view the Brochure, and an Application Form and Application Process. In addition, the application came equipped with an Auto Play mode, where the application would automatically showcase various photos and videos without the requirement of human intervention.

This experience was delivered to run In-Store at all dealer outlets and also on their website. You can visit http://experience.tatanano.com