Dynamic Paper Cutouts

Posted by John Einselen – December 14, 2009

While stop motion can be a fantastic medium, the process is too slow for many productions. Even for simple elements, like wrinkled paper, the time it takes to do things physically is often untenable; for the Microsoft PowerPivot online advertising campaign, Vectorform required lightening quick turnaround on visual elements and animation revisions, often on an hour by hour basis.

This is how the paper cutout effects were designed and generated dynamically using Adobe After Effects.
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Vectorform Applications at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – December 9, 2009

News from Vectorform Germany. “Neue Arbeiten” (“new kinds of work”) was the event theme of the IHK and Microsoft Event in Bochum. At this event there was a presentation of the MS Surface and the 24’’ and a 46’’ Multi-touch Citron Displays. The special focus of this event was how modern ways of cooperation and communication can sustainably change companies. Vectorform provided various solutions out of different market segments on MS Surface and the Multi-touch displays and revealed the future potentials that lie within the use of Windows 7 and Multi-touch applications.
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Lipsyncing with Papagayo

Posted by John Einselen – December 7, 2009

Using freely available tools, lipsyncing a character in Adobe After Effects doesn’t have to be a pain. Papagayo is an open source app for breaking a script down into phonemes and syncing the pieces to an audio track, while LipSync is an OS X dashboard widget that helps translate the resulting moho switch files into After Effects keyframes.

The workflow was developed at Vectorform as part of the production pipeline for Microsoft’s PowerPivot online advertising campaign (to see how the torn effects were created, check out Dynamic Paper Cutouts).
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