Vectorform’s SurfaceDJ App for iPhone receives “Best” and “Hottest” Awards

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – February 23, 2010

iPhone Apps Plus, ( a website that breaks the traditional barrier of localized search results and compiles app rankings and reviews in all languages from app stores around the world has honored us with TWO awards!

According to their website, “The Best Medal is awarded to applications which are of high quality and in great demand”. This was given to SurfaceDJ. The free version, SurfaceDJ Lite received the title “Hottest”- “awarded to application which are of good quality and are major topic of discussion in a certain period of time.”

What are the deciding factors in granting the award? iPhone Apps Plus tracks the rating and reviews of all the iPhone Apps in all iTunes app stores every hour.
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Terra X: Scene Eulau

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – February 23, 2010

The spectacular finding of the well-preserved Stone Age graves of Eulau, near Naumburg is the topic of the Terra X documentation, “Tatort Eulau”.

Three women, two men and eight children were buried 4,500 years ago, affectionately positioned in a tender embrace. In 2008 for the first time internationally, we have proof of the early existence of a nuclear family that can be studied with DNA analysis. A sensation!

But what really happened? Why did these people die at the same time? Did they become victims of a violent crime? Who were they and why did this tragedy occur? Under the direction of BKA-Profiler and with help from the most modern analysis methods, archeologists and anthropologists determined this case noteworthy. What seems to be turning into a criminal case from the Stone Age is becoming a key to an epoch of human history where many mysteries are unsolved. This could help shed light onto human life and social behavior of this region of Germany at that time.
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