Health Tech Today’s Interview with Alison Weber

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – May 26, 2011

As you may know, Vectorform’s Alison Weber made a splash last week on Health Tech Today. Without further delay here’s the video, embedded for your viewing pleasure.


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Millions Dive into IPL Streaming Video Experience for Season Finals

Posted by Administrator – May 23, 2011

IPL-Screenshot 1
This weekend’s final matches between the Mumbai Indians versus Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings versus Royal Challengers Bangalore brought millions of visitors to a streaming video experience we created. The IPL player let cricket fans around the world tune into a life-like immersive experience complete with pause, rewind, high-def streaming and more.

We will be sharing more news and official numbers about this experience shortly, but for now be sure to checkout to see this amazing IPL experience in action!

IPL-Screenshot 2

Vectorform Debuts New Video Streaming Experience for IPL

Posted by Administrator – May 20, 2011

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a cricket league for Twenty20 competition that is reshaping the game in more ways than one, and setting a new standard in sports broadcasting via design and development from Vectorform. This year we’re helping with a brand-new streaming experience for the league, and the crowds are going wild. What’s so amazing about this player? It uses HTTP dynamic streaming, for self-adjusting quality based on a user’s internet connection. It’s just like a DVR, letting a user pause or rewind the live game. It supports live HD streaming—a first in India, and video ads can be embedded in the live stream—providing the most immersive cricket experience this side of the stadium.

Check out our work, and the latest action in the IPL, at

Physical Rehab via Kinect for Xbox 360: make it happen in Haiti!

Posted by Administrator – May 17, 2011

I love Vectorform because:

  1. We built a demo for physical rehabilitation via Kinect for Xbox 360
  2. That demo stole the show at a tech demo day by Kaiser Permanente focused on gamification because it presented a fun way to support physical rehab and exercise for kids, and tracked response accuracy
  3. The mastermind behind using Kinect for literacy in South Africa made us aware of the Haitian Amputee Mother’s Alliance
  4. Asked if we could possibly help, I presented their work providing prosthetic limbs and rehabilitative services for victims of the earthquake to my boss, who gave me a two-word answer:
  5. Do It.

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Our work for Fiat, ala GQ’s Best Stuff

Posted by Administrator – May 11, 2011


Fiat has been on the move, launching the Fiat 500 Hatchback and revealing the Cabrio at the New York Auto Show. We’ve been moving and shaking along with them, as they take a creative approach to marketing the vehicle, allowing consumers to touch and interact with the vehicle in completely new and eclectic ways. We debuted a Kinect-powered giant mosaic for Fiat at the North American International Auto Show. Then we did it again at The FADER FORT by FIAT, complimented with a Windows 7 Digital Kaleidoscope. Now those big digital installations have made their way to the big city courtesy of Vectorform’s Karl Steckling, Kevin Foreman and Frances Calandra.
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Guest Blog: Renee DeCoskey’s 10 Commandments of Content Creation

Posted by Administrator – May 11, 2011

Welcome to the first installment of Vectorform’s guest blog, a special edition driven by cialis online friends and collaborators. We revatio vs viagra run with a great group of artists, technologists, and thinkers, so we’re lending them some space and giving our reader’s their expertise and a fresh perspective. Read more

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Look into your future, with Arithmancy 101: the Art of Numerology

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – May 9, 2011

Arithmancy 101: The Art of Numerology

Inspired by a magical world full of wizards, dragons, and adventure, Vectorform Game Studio is proud to provide Arithmancy 101: the Art of Numerology to the iTunes App Store. Predict the future, and divine your nature with Arithmancy 101.
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Vectorform-designed BI site launches on

Posted by Administrator – May 5, 2011

Design, development, Microsoft, SharePoint, Salient6, FNX Studios, a whole lot of credits—and a whole lotta Business Intelligence!
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Vectorform in focus on Health Tech Today

Posted by Administrator – May 5, 2011

Vectorform-HealthTechToday-11-0504Here I am with Dr. Bill Crounse of Microsoft’s Health Tech Today, “a weekly online series providing cutting-edge stories at the intersection of health and information technology.” Yesterday’s interview with Dr. Crounse focused on three of Vectorform’s medical solutions: our Windows Phone 7 Mobile Med; Sony MD2GO, which runs on Windows 7, Windows 7 Slate, and any broswer-based, multi-touch enabled device; and a demo for kids’ physical rehab via Kinect for Xbox 360—which I performed on-camera!
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