Gesture Recognition with Kinect via Vectorform Labs

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – June 29, 2011

Vectorform’s Jordan Savage breaks down the latest innovation with the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta over on Vectorform Labs. Watch as Jordan and Will Hinchman demonstrate their palm-mapping solution, or read about the experiment here.

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Into the Wild. VF and the Kinect for Windows SDK beta

Posted by Administrator – June 17, 2011

Kinect Test

The Vectorform team was all smiles and downloads when Microsoft released the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta yesterday. Our friend Steve Clayton over at Microsoft was quoted on PC Magazine saying “The community that has blossomed since the launch of Kinect for Xbox 360 in November shows the breadth of invention and depth of imagination possible when people have access to ground-breaking technology…Already, researchers, academics and enthusiasts are thinking through what’s next in natural and intuitive technology.”
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Introducing: Vectorform Labs

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – June 14, 2011


Ask and you shall receive.  At long last Vectorform brings you, Written by the ladies and gentlemen who work in “The Pit”, Vectorform Labs consists of exclusive, never before seen content. Follow the production process, and learn how an idea evolves into a complex multi-touch experience. Explore the world’s leading technology with Vectorform Labs and get deep into the thoughts of Team Vectorform.

Tune in and buckle up, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Fast Company covers TRON: Legacy

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – June 3, 2011


That’s right. We did TRON: Legacy (in HTML5) in Fast Company:

The roughly $680 million comic book and graphic novel industry is still heavily reliant on sales and advertising from print–unlike its fellow publishers in the newspaper and magazine worlds, where the transition to digital is farther along. Sure, there are plenty of apps for comics out there, from startups like ComicZeal4 to big players like Marvel’s iPad reader. But when it comes to taking full advantage of its digital potential, “most online comics are stagnant,” says Disney’s Dario Di Zanni. To reverse that trend, Disney has partnered with Microsoft and tech-design firm Vectorform to create the Tron: Legacy graphic novel, one of the first HTML5 graphic novels made by a major brand…”

Read the rest of Austin Carr’s article over on Fast Company or visit Disney Digital Books!