Galactic Alliance HD via Attack of the Show!

Posted by Administrator – July 15, 2011


G4’s Attack of the Show! ambushed our friends and neighbors at the Microsoft campus, capturing a whirlwind of video highlights and a cameo  of Vectorform’s Galactic Alliance HD. The four-player tower defense game made a big splash at CES this year, where it could be experienced on the new Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface. Check out the demo from Director of Research Steven Bathiche, at 3:43.
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Vectorform’s Sumit Mathur on Apps Market

Posted by Administrator – July 6, 2011

Last week Vectorform India President Sumit Mathur lent his insight to a feature on the growing market for apps. Over on Cyber Media Online Limited ( Sumit predicts that our future success in the India market lies specifically in the application development of the Android and Windows platforms. “We at Vectorform use technology and innovation, mixed with common sense to develop applications for web, interactive and multi-touch platforms,” Sumit explains. “Because we witness a surge in downloading apps from Android and Windows in the India market, we will focus on this market.  There is a need for better apps development, and there is great possibility to create good apps in the future.”  Read the full CIOL article here.