Extreme Makeover: Windows 8 Edition

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – September 28, 2011

Windows 8 

This past week Joe Engalan, Woody Floyd, and Frances Calandra of Vectorform attended the 2011 BUILD conference in Anaheim, California. Accompanied with a plethora of swag, those in attendance received a Samsung prototype PC running the Windows 8 Developer Preview.
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New York Times Reader, Surface Edition

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – September 21, 2011

The New York Times R&D Lab and Vectorform have joined forces to provide you with a new twist on an old favorite. Utilizing the Microsoft Surface, Vectorform & NYT bring you a user-friendly, image rich alternative for consuming news.

NYT R&D wanted to create an experience on the Microsoft surface that would complement their living room of the future. Their vision was a reading experience on the digital coffee table that would replace the physical newspaper in a family’s morning routine. Using The New York Times Reader API, originally designed for Windows, Mac and Linux, our application  gives readers a NUI based experience to scroll through their favorite topics: i.e., sports, weather, politics etc. Each topic is represented by a “card” featuring an image related to each subject. On choosing the topic, the user can then select a story of interest and browse through the content using natural user interface multi-touch controls.

It’s not exactly “the last kitchen table you will ever need”, but reading the morning news just got a heck of a lot easier.

Watch the video below for a quick demo.

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