Nokia’s ESPN Hub Highlighted on Information Week

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – March 15, 2012

Unlike a “Killer Bee” a “Killer App” is actually cialis tadalafil a very GOOD thing to come across – However rare they both may be. In the world of software, producing a “Killer App” is a monumental accomplishment and an ideal testament to Vectorform’s general awesomeness – but perhaps not our modesty. In collaboration with Nokia and ESPN, Vectorform designed and developed what Information Week’s Eric Zeman calls the “Killer Windows Phone App” with the sports canada pharmacy online fan in mind. Noting our adherence to Microsoft’s Metro UI aesthetic, Zeman agrees with our decision to present the sports fan with scores content right off the bat, stating “I don’t know about you, but when I hit up a sports-related website, the information I am generally looking for most is scores”. Beyond scores content, Zeman praises Vectorform’s implementation of Microsoft’s “Metro” design principles, noting the applications navigation functionality that allows users to “…really drill down quickly”, and move through news, videos, and social content from the most notable ESPN commentators. Read more


[INFOGRAPHIC] The 2012 Microsoft HUG Innovation Award goes to…

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – March 6, 2012

(drum roll) Virtual Colonoscopy!

Steve Aylward, General Manager for Commercial Health & Life Sciences at Microsoft US with Patrick Samona, Vectorform’s Director of Health Solutions.

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