Vectorform and Hidden Pineapple Reinvent Twitter Browsing on Windows 8

Posted by Administrator – July 12, 2012

Hidden Pineapple is the maker of the popular Rowi Twitter client for Windows Phone. Hidden Pineapple co-owners Nathan Heskew and Erik Porter partnered with Vectorform to design a Windows 8 app that would set them apart from other Twitter clients while staying stay true to the features that earned their Win Phone app a 4.5-star rating and thousands of downloads.

Rowi Twitter app for Windows 8

Thumb Ergonomics

Vectorform created a design that is unique, intuitive and easy to use.

“For Windows 8 we had some initial thoughts on what a Metro style Twitter app would look like, but they were quite a departure from the experience on the phone — which is why we love the design Vectorform conjured up as wildcard, ‘made for your thumbs’ UX,” says Heskew.

We capitalized on thumb ergonomics so that users have easy access to two separate lists: the left column for main listings (timeline, mentions, messages, etc.) and the right column for secondary information (image feed, trending topics).

This leaves the entire middle section available for tweet details, creating a uniquely immersive Twitter experience.

Uniquely Metro

Although Rowi departs from a traditional Metro layout, it stays true to Metro standards. Concepts like content over chrome and strong grid structure remain key.

The Rowi Windows 8 app was inspired by the original Rowi app on Windows Phone. The snap view is similar in the way it displays a context menu upon selecting a tweet to access quick actions such as ‘retweet’ or ‘favorite’ without having to go to a different screen.

“Rowi for Windows should just feel right on your new Surface and eventually the snapped view will be nearly identical to what we have on the phone, tying the experiences together,” says Heskew.


Hidden Pineapple wanted users to have the ability to customize their app. Vectorform designed the Rowi layout to lend itself to custom, user-selected backgrounds or various color themes.

Rowi Best Twitter app for Windows 8
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