Tracking Hurricane Sandy on Toolbox using Windows 8

Posted by Administrator – October 29, 2012

While our New York team prepares for Hurricane Sandy, we’re tracking the storm, staying current on alerts, and keeping updates on friends and family. Toolbox is making it easy to do all three (and more) on one screen, on the go. It’s a free download, already rated over 4/5 stars.

Stay safe, friends.

Check out the video:
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Toolbox for Windows 8 Reimagines Tablet Productivity

Posted by Administrator – October 26, 2012

Did you also pick up the new Windows 8 Surface tablets? Then you need to check out Vectorform’s latest productivity app, Toolbox. There have already been thousands of downloads. It’s free. And it’s awesome.

“Toolbox helps Windows 8 users take advantage of the fast and fluid new Windows user interface to be productive and accomplish their tasks in as little time as possible.” – John Richards, senior developer of Windows App Marketing for Microsoft Corp.

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Toolbox for Windows 8 Features

“As devices have become more powerful and feature-rich they continue to lack an environment that allows for true productivity. Moving in and out of apps to accomplish simple tasks is cumbersome and unintuitive. Toolbox was designed to solve this problem by allowing users to interact and manipulate up to 6 separate tools, or apps, on screen at once. By taking advantage of this under-utilized screen real estate, we have provided unparalleled productivity enhancement to the mobile form factor.” –  Kevin Foreman, Director of Product Vision

“Toolbox was designed around Snap View, maximizing the fluidity of Windows 8 devices. We broke the mold right from launch with a really innovative design, particularly with iconography. We feel strongly about pushing the multi-screen boundaries in the framework of Windows 8.” – Elsida Konakciu, Art Director

What’s coming

In coming months Vectorform will continue working with major brands to add Tools to the Toolbox. Interested brands should contact Vectorform directly.

Toolbox is available free in the Windows Store. Additional Tools will soon be available for download from within the app.

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