HoloLens – A developer’s perspective

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – May 7, 2015


“It’s really hard.”

Now that our friends in Redmond have been more open with peeks into the HoloLens program and those involved are free to speak (a little) more openly, I’ve been reading a ton of tech blogs regarding the experience. Unfortunately, it seems many of these writers have only a small idea of what software engineers or platform architects do. I say that, because I have read a lot of “It can map your environment, and that is really hard to do.” Well folks – letting your buddy have the last pizza roll is “really hard.” Read more


Vectorform Brings Hackathon to St. Petersburg

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – April 15, 2015


Vectorform and the Dali Museum team up for sold out Project 34 Hackathon!

This 34-hour event will take place May 2-3, 2015 at the Dali museum in St. Petersburg, Florida and will challenge participants to build an innovative digital experience that is an extension of the out-of-box thinking that was Salvador Dali and Leonardo DiVinci. Read more

Celebrating 15 years of Innovation: Part 6 – Munich Office

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – February 19, 2015

MunichMunich is known for its beers, wursts, superior cars, that one invincible soccer team, and – as some believe – for being the northernmost city of Italy, which says a lot about the Bavarian mentality, but that is a completely different story. Because this, this is the story of Vectorform Germany. Read more

Is Code the New Black? – Technology Innovation in the Fashion Industry

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – January 29, 2015

image 1

Digital Innovation Strategist and Executive Director of Vectorform Munich, Alissia Iljaitsch, reports about #fashiontechberlin – a first of its kind event to connect the fashion and tech industry at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week BerlinRead more

VF Perspective : Microsoft HoloLens

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – January 26, 2015


Last Wednesday during the Windows 10 event, Microsoft announced their new augmented-reality headset and platform, HoloLens. Within minutes, ideas for new brand experiences, in depth conversations about what HoloLens means to our industry, and excited chants began to echo the halls of Vectorform offices across the globe. Since the announcement, we have received numerous calls and emails inquiring about our thoughts on this amazing new platform…so here are 10 reasons why our team is excited about HoloLens and what it means for Vectorform and the industry as a whole. Read more

Celebrating 15 years of Innovation: Part 3 – Our Work

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – December 12, 2014

VF 15yearsOver the past 15 years, the Vectorform team has built and maintained long term relationships with some of the world’s largest brands, working with companies such as Microsoft, Chrysler and 3-Dimensional Services (our very first client, who we still work with today). Building these strong relationship has allowed us the opportunity to create ground breaking digital experiences for some of the world’s largest brands, while continuing to extend our expertise to fortune 500 companies across the globe.

As you might expect, some of our projects stay off the radar of the public due to confidentiality agreements with these companies; however, many other projects (such as Pandemic, Galactic Alliance, Settlers of Catan and Tron) have gained a great deal of attention due to their unique style of gaming and connections to pop culture. While every project we have worked on holds great importance, there are a few that have marked major milestones for Vectorform. Here’s an inside look at some of the projects that stand out in our history… Read more

Celebrating 15 years of Innovation: Part 2 – Our People

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – November 25, 2014

we are vectorform

Started in 1999 as a 5 person start-up based in Detroit, MI, Vectorform has transformed over the past 15 years into an award winning company with 120+ employees in 5 offices around the globe. As we’ve grown, our culture has remained strong and each person who has joined the Vectorform team has been a major contributor to our success. As CEO & Co-Founder, Jason Vazzano, puts it,

“The Vectorform office culture is as fun and diverse as the industries it serves. The halls of Vectorform are full of smart, passionate, talented people, joined by the occasional office dog – giving the company a west-coast start-up feel. The flexible schedule and lack of dress code provides an open and respectful environment where individual contributions continue to shape the culture of the company. The open floor plan allows the group to switch between heads down production or tuning into the latest industry announcements at a moment’s notice.” CBS Detroit, October 2012 – Royal Oak’s Vectorform, 12-Year-Old ‘Overnight Success,’ Is Hiring

So, what does our team have to say about their time here? I talked with some Vectorformers to learn more about their (and our) achievements, the projects they’ve been a part of, and what it is that they most enjoy about working here. Here’s what they had to say….

Read more

Celebrating 15 years of Innovation: Part 1 – Our Story

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – November 18, 2014


How we rose from the dust of the dotcom bust…

This month marks 15 years since Vectorform was launched out of a small office in a storage garage facility in Davisburg, MI. Back in 1999, there wasn’t the investment support for tech start-ups like there is today. Our co-founders had to get started the old fashioned way, by using credit cards and loans for funding to get Vectorform off the ground.

Over the course of this 10 part blog series, we’ll take look back on how we got started, how we’ve grown and where our continuing growth will take us. Though many things have changed in the past 15 years, one thing that remains the same is our passion for innovation and inventing cutting edge digital experiences.

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Club Diamond Nation – Website & iOS App

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – May 26, 2014

 Dashboard - Web

We are happy to announce that we have officially launched the Club Diamond Nation website and iOS app!

Diamond Nation

Diamond Nation is a baseball/softball training facility in Flemington, NJ which is home to the Jack Cust Baseball Academy and the Jennie Finch Softball Academy. Backed by a collection of former MLB stars (including recent HOF inductee Tom Glavine and Team USAs Jennie Finch), the site attracts thousands of youth baseball/softball players for organized tournaments and training. The 65-acre campus consists of 250,000 square feet of indoor facilities, 700,000 square feet of turf fields and the ability to host 10 games simultaneously, making it the largest turf baseball and softball complex in America. With players, parents and coaches coming in from all around the country, Diamond Nation was looking for a way to keep these players involved outside of the facility and with help from the team at Vectorform, the new and improved Club Diamond Nation took shape.

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Rock Your Life – Google Glass Workshop

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – April 14, 2014

DSC06815On April 4th 2014, Vectorform Munich welcomed seven 13-15 year old students into the office to learn about the creative process, which takes place when designing any innovative project or application. We took the students from defining ‘the problem’ and conceptualizing ideas, to creating their own UX sketches for multiple apps on behalf of one of the newest technologies in the world today, Google Glass.

Students split into groups and began brainstorming while working collaboratively to tackle one of the three themes set before them: Designing Google Glass apps for the future based on; gaming, sports, or social experiences. Following the design thinking process that was introduced to them (Define, Research, Ideation, Prototype, Re-do and Implementation), students worked together to generate insights from their own experiences. After the teens warmed up by taking a look at their favorite apps and what keeps them coming back, they were surprised at what ideas they could come up with for their own themes. The ideation phase snowballed into three intense brainstorming sessions, generating dozens of ideas in the short 2.5 hour workshop time frame.

The end result: all three groups shared their ideas for their Google Glass applications, one of which set out to combine the best elements of video games (mini maps, player stats, etc) with the fun of real world sports by connecting players to their teammates by voice, real-time player location, stats, up to date game notifications, and instant replay videos. All in all, the Rock Your Life Event was a great success.

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