Celebrating 15 years of Innovation: Part 3 – Our Work

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – December 12, 2014

Over the past 15 years, the Vectorform team has built and maintained long term relationships with some of the world’s largest brands, working with companies such as Microsoft, Chrysler and 3-Dimensional Services (our very first client, who we still work with today). Building these strong relationship has allowed us the opportunity to create ground breaking digital experiences for some of the world’s largest brands, while continuing to extend our expertise to fortune 500 companies across the globe.

As you might expect, some of our projects stay off the radar of the public due to confidentiality agreements with these companies; however, many other projects (such as Pandemic, Galactic Alliance, Settlers of Catan and Tron) have gained a great deal of attention due to their unique style of gaming and connections to pop culture. While every project we have worked on holds great importance, there are a few that have marked major milestones for Vectorform. Here’s an inside look at some of the projects that stand out in our history… Read more


2013 Seattle Interactive Conference Recap

Posted by Ken Disbennett – November 8, 2013

Photo by seattleinteractive. For more event photos check out seattleinteractive’s flicker account

Last week was the annual Seattle Interactive Conference (aka SIC), an event where the entire Northwest creative community comes out to discuss digital trends, projections, and share perspectives on this constantly evolving landscape. With a gathering focused entirely on interactivity, in a city that boasts one of the largest technology hubs outside of Silicon Valley, how could we possibly miss it? So this year the entire Seattle design team, along with some of our account managers, had the opportunity to join the conversation and attend multiple sessions over the 3 day event.

Below are some recaps of the weeks highlights from our team on the ground, Read more

Vectorform wins Corp! Magazine DiSciTech Award!

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – May 2, 2013



We are proud to announce that Vectorfom was honored in the Digital Technology category,at the fourth annual DiSciTech awards, April 18, 2013, at Oakland Community College in Auburn Hills. Patrick Samona, Director of Engagement and Amy Stoddard, Senior Interactive Designer, were there to  represent Vectorform and accept the award.



Neowin interviews Vectorform about Toolbox for Windows 8

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – April 5, 2013

  Neowin’s John Callaham spoke with Kevin Foreman, Director of Product Vision, at Vectorform about Toolbox for Windows 8. Here’s a sneak peek of the interview…

How did the idea come about to develop Toolbox for Windows 8? We’ve noticed a trend with recent mobile operating systems in that they trade productivity and control for simplicity. For smaller devices, such as cialis online pharmacy phones, this makes sense. However, for buy generic cialis tablets and other larger-screen devices, canadian pharmacy online we felt that there is an opportunity to take advantage of this under-utilized screen real estate. Our mission was to prove that simplicity and productivity are not mutually exclusive, and to provide a true multitasking environment for the touch computing era.

Click on the link below for the full interview and the inside scoop on how Vectorform brought Toolbox for Windows 8 to life and our plans for the future. http://www.neowin.net/news/intervew-we-chat-with-vectorform-about-toolbox-for-windows-8#  

Vectorform Working on Apps for Rumored Next Generation Smartwatches

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – March 7, 2013

Developers are already preparing for “iWatch” and Samsung Smartwatch launches.

For more information on concepts and how Vectorform can help you develop new smartwatch app concepts contact us direct at 1-800-475-6279


Full release can be viewed from link below.


Vectorform Releases Notes & Stopwatch in Toolbox for Windows 8 on Heels of Surface Pro Launch

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – February 12, 2013

Toolbox Expands its Tool Depot to 11 Productivity Tools

DETROIT, Feb. 12, 2013Vectorform, the global design and technology firm that developed Toolbox for Windows 8, the ultimate multitasking productivity app, has released two new tools, Notes and Stopwatch. Notes and Stopwatch join a lineup of eleven productivity tools within Toolbox’s growing Tool Depot. With Toolbox, users can view and interact with up to six different tools on-screen at once including Facebook, Web, Calculator, Unit Converter, Voice Notes, Notifier, World Clock, Weather and Doodle.

The ability to take notes was one of the most requested utilities for Windows 8 users. The note-taking tool allows users to create notes and manage multiple sets of notes simultaneously. Notes are synced to the user’s Microsoft account, can be accessed across different devices and easily shared to SkyDrive and Mail. In addition to keyboard and touch input, Surface Pro users will be able to utilize the pressure-sensitive pen for a more natural hand-written experience when using Notes. Notes is the first paid tool within Toolbox and is available for purchase from the Toolbox Tool Depot for $1.99.

Stopwatch is an intuitive and easy-to-use free tool that supports split time, pause, resume and more. Users can load up multiple instances of Stopwatch for easy timing of various activities.

Additional Toolbox Features:

“It usually takes more than one tool to get the job done. On a tablet where space is constrained, productivity doesn’t have to be restricted to one activity,” said Kevin Foreman, director of product development for Vectorform. “Users now have an indispensable app that is able to keep up with the way they think and work in an organized and clutter-free way. Notes is an essential addition to our Tool Depot and adds greater power to accomplish tasks quickly and simultaneously.”

Vectorform will continue to expand the Toolbox Tool Depot with additional premium and free tools to be released this spring.

About Toolbox:

Toolbox, the ever-evolving platform that launched with nine tools in 2012, has recorded over 460,000 downloads and is currently one of the top five productivity apps available in the Windows Store. Toolbox is designed to bring unparalleled productivity enhancement to the Windows 8 platform. With Toolbox, you can view and interact with up to six different tools at once, giving you the power and flexibility to customize your workspace for maximum productivity. Toolbox is also available to the enterprise market, allowing businesses to use Toolbox and custom tools developed specifically for their needs.

About Vectorform:

Part Think Tank. Part Lab. Part Studio. Vectorform invents digital products and experiences. As an elite team of artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, and technologists, Vectorform changes the way you experience modern life. In the car. At the hospital. At the store. On the phone. Vectorform partners with premier brands around the world to create the next iconic experience. Vectorform was founded in 1999 and has studios in Seattle, Detroit, New York, Munich and Hyderabad. For more information, visit http://www.vectorform.com/

Media Contact:


Ben Pavlovic



Click on images below for screenshots of Notes and Stopwatch

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Edward Wrenbeck on Siri and the Value of Privacy

Posted by Administrator – May 23, 2012

Edward Wrenbeck, Vectorform’s Director of Emerging Technology, was recently tapped for insights on Siri’s privacy models. It’s made a huge impression on the web today as IBM banned Siri use on campus for fear of what employee transcripts might reveal.

Privacy was always a big concern for Siri’s developers, says Edward Wrenbeck, the lead developer of the original Siri iPhone app, which was eventually acquired by Apple. And for corporate users, there are even more potential pitfalls. “Just having it known that you’re at a certain customer’s location might be in violation of a non-disclosure agreement,” he says.

But he agrees that many of the issues raised by Apple’s Siri data handling are similar to those that other internet companies face. “I really don’t think it’s something to worry about,” he says. “People are already doing things on these mobile devices. Maybe Siri makes their life a little bit easier, but it’s not exactly opening up a new avenue that wasn’t there before.”

Source: IBM worries iPhone’s Siri has loose lips, CNN

Ed wants to remind readers that to better understand privacy, one needs to understand consumer value. Read more

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Nokia’s ESPN Hub Highlighted on Information Week

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – March 15, 2012

Unlike a “Killer Bee” a “Killer App” is actually cialis tadalafil a very GOOD thing to come across – However rare they both may be. In the world of software, producing a “Killer App” is a monumental accomplishment and an ideal testament to Vectorform’s general awesomeness – but perhaps not our modesty. In collaboration with Nokia and ESPN, Vectorform designed and developed what Information Week’s Eric Zeman calls the “Killer Windows Phone App” with the sports canada pharmacy online fan in mind. Noting our adherence to Microsoft’s Metro UI aesthetic, Zeman agrees with our decision to present the sports fan with scores content right off the bat, stating “I don’t know about you, but when I hit up a sports-related website, the information I am generally looking for most is scores”. Beyond scores content, Zeman praises Vectorform’s implementation of Microsoft’s “Metro” design principles, noting the applications navigation functionality that allows users to “…really drill down quickly”, and move through news, videos, and social content from the most notable ESPN commentators. Read more

[INFOGRAPHIC] The 2012 Microsoft HUG Innovation Award goes to…

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – March 6, 2012

(drum roll) Virtual Colonoscopy!

Steve Aylward, General Manager for Commercial Health & Life Sciences at Microsoft US with Patrick Samona, Vectorform’s Director of Health Solutions.

Read more

Vectorform Seeks Innovators

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – November 2, 2011

Larping 2010

 At Vectorform our hard work is fueled by our creativite, fun, and energetic work environment. Utilizing a vast array of unique individuals and their diverse skill sets, Vectorform produces emerging technology solutions for a variety of companies. Our strength lies in challenging and focusing our collective talent to adapt to our clients’ ever-changing needs.
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