Celebrating 15 years of Innovation: Part 6 – Munich Office

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – February 19, 2015

MunichMunich is known for its beers, wursts, superior cars, that one invincible soccer team, and – as some believe – for being the northernmost city of Italy, which says a lot about the Bavarian mentality, but that is a completely different story. Because this, this is the story of Vectorform Germany. Read more


Employee Spotlight: Rich Geyer

Posted by Alison Atwell – February 28, 2014

“I think this picture of myself pretty much sums me up. I’m a very happy guy who enjoys laughing and having a good time. Another fun fact is that this picture was taken at our own Kevin Foreman’s wedding by a former Vectorformer.”

Rich Geyer

Senior Interactive Developer

Years at VF: Almost 5

Years in the technology industry: Almost 5

 What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was little the first thing I ever wanted to be was a hot dog salesman. One of the guys with a little cart and umbrella that sets up shop in a parking lot! To this day my family likes to remind me of my younger aspirations. Fortunately for me, I discovered programming instead. I will say though, that I can still grill up a pretty good hot dog when needed.

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Ya, We MO’d this Movember

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – December 14, 2012

Thanks to those VFMO’s and those who showed their support.  Enjoy the fruits of our faces.

Maker Faire Detroit, Robofest, & Vectorformers

Posted by Administrator – July 31, 2012

Over the weekend, Vectorformer Emily Trudell participated in Maker Faire Detroit hosted at the Henry Ford Museum as a representive of Robofest and her ala mater Lawrence Technological University.

Vectorform is proud of Emily’s participation at Maker Faire and her involvement to promote science, engineering, technology, and math with students. Events like these embody one of our core values: pushing boundaries through play.

Emily for Robofest at Maker Faire

At this unique event “more than 400 makers bring their wares, ideas, inventions and solutions to this two-day festival offering everything from robots, flame shooters and animatronics to solar-powered mechanical sculptures and fashionable finds.”

Robofest is an annual autonomous robotics competition designed to promote and support STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology and Math) and Computer Science for students in grades 5 – 12 and college students. Robofest challenges teams of students to design, build, and program robots.

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Introducing: Vectorform Labs

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – June 14, 2011


Ask and you shall receive.  At long last Vectorform brings you, labs.vectorform.com. Written by the ladies and gentlemen who work in “The Pit”, Vectorform Labs consists of exclusive, never before seen content. Follow the production process, and learn how an idea evolves into a complex multi-touch experience. Explore the world’s leading technology with Vectorform Labs and get deep into the thoughts of Team Vectorform.

Tune in and buckle up, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

Chris Pullman Lectures at CCS in Detroit

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – September 29, 2009

One of Vectorform’s new designers, Ryan Cady who is Third Thursday Chair of AIGA Detroit, attended Chirs Pullman’s lecture at CCS in Detroit. Mr. Pullman gave his lecture on his vast history as a Designer, his process from being a History major online viagra buy in undergrad at Princeton, and his ultimate admission to getting his MFA from Yale.

After graduating from Yale in 1966, Chris Pullman began teaching at Yale and working in his own practice with his wife before being asked to become the head of design pharmacy in canada at WGBH in Boston. The station had just been rebranded, and this was at a time when public television was still in its infancy stages and was not as well known as it is today. He worked at WGBH for over 30 years helping to mold the station by creating promotions, print, motion graphics for shows such as Nova and Frontline, some of the earliest interactive content for the web (Prodigy!), as well heading up the design group for WGBH’s new HQ in Boston.

He also created the 2mobile to promote the station, which is pretty awesome.


More info on him can be found here:



Surface in the Sauna (w/Drinks)

Posted by – August 18, 2008

At Vectorform were all about enhancing user experience, and what better way to enhance the Microsoft Surface experience then by placing it in the Vectorform Corporate Sauna. That’s right– sweltering temperatures, cedar walls and multi-touch goodness. After a series of tests we were all shocked at how well the Microsoft Surface performed at over 120 degrees.

Join us next week as our Surface stress tests continue with Surface Skydiving.