“The Ultimate Unboxing” on The Totally Rad Show

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – April 6, 2011

“I heard a crack.” We had a few reasons to get excited watching Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg and Jeff Cannata from The Totally Rad Show unboxing our Surface and playing with our apps. We’ve unboxed so many Surface units we could do it our sleep—that’s right, the power button is on the bottom—but this is a new favorite.
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See the video, get the app. Kayak on Windows Phone 7.

Posted by Administrator – February 11, 2011

Team Vectorform travels the world, and we love our mobile phones, so we were thrilled to parter with travel giant Kayak on a Windows Phone 7 experience. Get the application free on Marketplace, or watch the video below.

At the Motor Show of Qatar

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – February 8, 2011

The Qatar Motor Show was the place for leading auto makers to see and be seen last week, and Vectorform Germany’s Alissia Iljaitsch and Job Plas were onsite helping Volkswagen debuted our latest collaboration—an iPad application full of specifications and media for vehicle product specialists, and slick functionality. The content-managed iPad app was a hit with the visitors on the booth, who could access the extensive glossary and request digital brochures via email. A full content management system for VW admins and a clever spin on iPad’s natural user interface made the Volkswagen Motor Show App a hit, and our team loved being part of the VW entourage, which was rounded out with a luxury SUV with gold finishing (the Touareg Gold Edition), and Dakar 2011 winners Nasser Al-Attiyah and Timo Gottschalk.

Check back for the full case study, or contact us here sales@vectorform.com.

Check out another highlight of the show below.

Galactic Alliance for the iPad

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – October 11, 2010

Bringing unique multiplayer action to the iPad, Galactic Alliance is a tower defense game that relies on cooperation to reach the next level.  Each player can place, upgrade, and sell their towers.  Use radios to jam signals and slow the enemy down, or save up for rocket bases and laser arrays to deal the most damage.  Compete for the most cash by strategic tower placement, but remember, without teamwork, you’ll never succeed against the alien incursion!

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Terra X: Scene Eulau

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – February 23, 2010

The spectacular finding of the well-preserved Stone Age graves of Eulau, near Naumburg is the topic of the Terra X documentation, “Tatort Eulau”.

Three women, two men and eight children were buried 4,500 years ago, affectionately positioned in a tender embrace. In 2008 for the first time internationally, we have proof of the early existence of a nuclear family that can be studied with DNA analysis. A sensation!

But what really happened? Why did these people die at the same time? Did they become victims of a violent crime? Who were they and why did this tragedy occur? Under the direction of BKA-Profiler and with help from the most modern analysis methods, archeologists and anthropologists determined this case noteworthy. What seems to be turning into a criminal case from the Stone Age is becoming a key to an epoch of human history where many mysteries are unsolved. This could help shed light onto human life and social behavior of this region of Germany at that time.
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Posted by Lindsay Lamb – November 18, 2009

WrapItApp is a simple to use, yet intuitive application, teaching you how to gift wrap any sized box, tie a 1 loop bow and 3 loop bow. You have the option of selecting a box from a list of the most common sizes, or using your iPhone or iPod Touch device to obtain custom box measurements. If you have the perfect gift in the not-so-perfect box, WrapItApp makes measuring custom box sizes easy! Simply measure a box using your iPhone or iPod Touch device, nothing additional is required. Once a box has been selected or measured, WrapItApp estimates how much ribbon and wrapping material will be needed and shows step-by-step instructions that will get you wrapping like a pro!
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Nano Experience

Posted by Administrator – August 4, 2009


Vectorform called upon its years of experience in UI design and development to create an exciting, intense, yet intuitive Silverlight experience for Tata Motors. This experience had to allow users to learn anything and everything about the new Tata Nano. Because the car could not physically be in the dealerships, the application had to give an extremely accurate and detailed depiction of the car.

To accomplish this, Vectorform developed an external 360 view of the car, highlighting key features and unique selling points. Also included in the application was a comprehensive photo and video Media Gallery, a Deep Zoom experience to view the Brochure, and an Application Form and Application Process. In addition, the application came equipped with an Auto Play mode, where the application would automatically showcase various photos and videos without the requirement of human intervention.

This experience was delivered to run In-Store at all dealer outlets and also on their website. You can visit http://experience.tatanano.com

Microsoft Surface Goes Global, Powered By Vectorform

Posted by Administrator – July 23, 2009


It is no surprise Vectorform designed and developed the first Microsoft Surface application to debut in India. TV9 is the flagship station for Indian media-giant Associated Broadcasting Company Pvt Ltd (ABCL), and Vectorform’s multi-touch application took viewers by storm when used to illustrate the 2009 Election of the Indian Parliament. Live from Andhra Pradesh, ABCL CEO and TV9 anchor Ravi Prakash made television history with his innovative presentation of the election coverage.

During the 2009 Parliamentary Elections, ABCL wanted to see TV9 reinforce its status as a market-leader in innovative news coverage, and to boost viewership by providing the most engaging on-air coverage of election material.

Vectorform designed and developed a set of applications for the Microsoft Surface, which allowed on-air illustrations of election status and past election history. The Microsoft Surface debuted in the United States in 2008, and the TV9 deployment represents the first use of the platform in India.

To be a success, the application suite had to accommodate the complex working of the Indian electoral system. Like the United States, India has a federal form of government, however, the central government in India has greater power over its states, and its central government is patterned after the British parliamentary system. The core components of the suite focused on Andhra Pradesh, and other applications highlighted local and federal election results.

Additionally, Vectorform created a web-based content management application to enable off-air administrators to feed election data into the application suite as the results were tallied.

On Saturday, May 16, 2009, Ravi Prakash demonstrated the application suite, using hand-gestures and real-world objects to interact with both live and historical data surrounding the Indian General Elections. The presentation quickly gained the attention of viewers and press-outlets around world.

The primary objective of the project, from the client’s perspective, was to reinforce their position as trendsetters, vis-à-vis use of latest technology complimented by innovative ways of presenting information; thereby propelling TV9 higher up on the Indian electronic media ladder as pioneers- in terms of content, capability and innovation. Last but not the least, TV9’s objective for all projects is to increase TRPs (Television Rating Points), which are primary incentives for promoters & sponsors to align with TV9. The television program  featuring  the election coverage on the Surface did just that – made a big impact on a landmark day in Indian politics -when over hundreds of thousands of living rooms across the country were glued to the television set.

The Cell Explorer

Posted by Administrator – July 20, 2009


Microsoft asked Vectorform to build a solution for the School of the Future, a collaboration between Microsoft and The School District of Philadelphia, in which technology is infused into the entirety of curriculum at a high school, serving as an example for learning communities around the world. The purpose of this project was to allow stakeholders to understand the opportunities and benefits provided by Microsoft Surface. The application needed to highlight the cellular process called protein synthesis, while providing students with an informative and immersive view into the components of animal and plant cells. The solution has already received high praise from demonstrations given at this year’s National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), which was held in Washington DC.

Vectorform designed and developed a solution that focused on two components: A Cell Explorer, which allows students to browse through a Cell SVE. Users have the ability to manipulate the components of the cell, and explore more detailed information to allow granular information to be reviewed. The Protein Synthesis Lab allows students to manipulate the specific objects involved in the protein synthesis process at a high level. While strategizing the specific order of tRNA molecules that need to be inserted into the ribosome factory to satisfy the requirements of the protein being synthesized, users are presented with the creation of a polypeptide chain, which eventually turns into protein.




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Another Vectorform Appearance in Fast Company!

Posted by Administrator – July 14, 2009

Back in May, Vectorform announced its affection for Fast Company after the publication featured our MSNBC Election Experience and Coldwell Banker’s Home Search Application, created in partnership with FD Kenisis, in Chris Dannen’s 11 Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface. Well, it appears the feeling is mutual, as Vectorform’s BMW Product Navigator made an appearance on Chris Dannen’s Five More Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface. The BMW Product Navigator allows customers to create their own unique BMW vehicle with the Surface by using real world objects, including paint chips, leather samples, rims and trims. Check out what all the fuss is about!

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