Another Vectorform Appearance in Fast Company!

Posted by Administrator – July 14, 2009

Back in May, Vectorform announced its affection for Fast Company after the publication featured our MSNBC Election Experience and Coldwell Banker’s Home Search Application, created in partnership with FD Kenisis, in Chris Dannen’s 11 Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface. Well, it appears the feeling is mutual, as Vectorform’s BMW Product Navigator made an appearance on Chris Dannen’s Five More Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface. The BMW Product Navigator allows customers to create their own unique BMW vehicle with the Surface by using real world objects, including paint chips, leather samples, rims and trims. Check out what all the fuss is about!

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Vectorform hearts Fast Company

Posted by Administrator – May 14, 2009

Fast Company gets circulated around Vectorform every month, so we are thrilled that one-and-a-half of our apps were featured in Chris Dannen’s 11 Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface. The article provides information and videos for 11 applications created for the Microsoft Surface.

Our MSNBC Election Experience, created for political analyst Chuck Todd and NBC Universal, made the list, and we got some indirect coverage for a demo application created in partnership with FD Kenisis for Coldwell Banker. FD Kenisis, Coldwell Banker’s Agency of Record created a concept and UX for Coldwell Banker’s Home Search Application. We developed the application incorporating Live Maps and Coldwell Banker’s Existing web services.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that the BMW Product Navigator and SurfaceDJ round the list out to a lucky 13!

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Vectorform Recognized as UX Revolutionaries

Posted by Administrator – March 17, 2009

Vectorform took home the prize for Microsoft Germany’s annual client innovation award. We won the User Experience Revolution Award for the BMW Product Navigator, and picked up our trophy at CeBIT’s MSDN Cinema. The BMW Product Navigator was built for the Microsoft Surface platform, and allows users to custom configure a 7 Series using real paint chips, leather, trim and wheel samples.

As seen in the New York Times

Posted by Vectorform – December 3, 2008

Sifting through some of the new press Vectorform has received post-BMW Configuration release, and was surprised by a write-up in the New York Times. The article is an oldie but goodie, referencing last month’s highlights, including: the Vect-O’Lantern, NBC, and SNL’s MegaPixel Touch Map.

Check it out:
Microsoft Surface in the wild

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Beemin’ a Surface Auto Configuration

Posted by Vectorform – December 3, 2008

It all started with the BMW x6 Surface Configurator Prototype. We kicked that out in abnormally fast time…thanks in part to our world traveling German Creative Director who spent at least six sleepless weeks in our Michigan office. In all fairness, our tech team didn’t sleep either. canadian pharmacy online The end result: The prototype was a huge success, for Vectorform and for BMW. This led us to the BMW 7-series Surface Configurator, created by Vectorform to ultimately enhance the BMW dealership purchasing experience, starting with the mother dealership—BMW Welt. And yes, many, many more sleepless nights… So what is it? The BMW 7-series Surface Configurator allows customers to personalize and fully experience the BMW brand through an intuitive and Natural User Interface (NUI). While customizing their automobile, customers are immersed in a sensory experience by using real paint chips, leather, trim and rim samples. Interactive designs allows a 360° view of interior and exterior images, giving customers the ability to fully explore their custom configuration. The BMW Surface Configurator allows for saving and building a virtual garage of configurations and to further the overall experience, customers can view BMW lifestyle videos, digital images, spec sheets of various automobiles and copy them to an external USB drive.

BMW 7-Series Surface Configurator

BMW 7-Series Surface Configurator

We think this was a perfect use of the Surface platform and real world objects. Being able to configure a car or anything for that matter, by use of tactile real world objects opens up a ton of possibilities. We are excited where this will lead Surface application development in the B2C market. Big thanks to everyone who made these projects possible from the Surface guys at Microsoft, the wonderful folks at BMW and the Creative and Tech teams at VF who pulled it all together. SKOAL!

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What the hell is a muster?

Posted by Vectorform – August 19, 2008


You might be asking yourself, what is a muster, anyway? A “muster” is a term that was coined by our office in Berlin, and refers to any real-world object that provides a way to interact with a Microsoft Surface. Initially, we created musters using 1.5×1.5 wooden blocks, with an image on one side and black foam on the other. The muster would then be “tagged” with a sticker allowing the Microsoft Surface to associate the object with information, and display the related information.

Official musters made their grand debut when they were introduced on the BMW project. Each muster- approximately 20 in number – was created using images from BMW catalogs using authentic paint chips and actual materials from the car. The musters represented interior and exterior color and texture options, wheels, trim, and accessories as an interactive tool for viewing and selecting particular car choices. Our musters were designed with the customer in mind, to provide an interactive selection process through the use of real-world objects.

We’ve since expanded our idea of musters, tagging just about anything we can get our hands on.

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