App Challenge – An Experiment in Cultivation, Education, Promotion, and Innovation

Posted by Ken Disbennett – December 6, 2013

BlogHero2xThanksgiving… typically a time for reflection.  For Vectorform Seattle however, it is a time to look forward.  Our shortened holiday week provided the perfect opportunity to take a break from active projects and focus on experimentation, thought leadership, and living up to Vectorform’s mission of cultivating genius. The concept was simple – divide into teams, pitch an idea, and execute a working prototype in the 3 days leading up to Thanksgiving.

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Pandemic 1.0 at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – January 21, 2011

We’ve teamed up with award winning writer and director Lance Weiler. Recognized by WIRED magazine as “One of twenty-five people helping to re-invent entertainment and change the face of Hollywood” and by BUSINESSWEEK as “One of the 18 Who Changed Hollywood”, the director’s story world opens to the public January 20, 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Pandemic 1.0 represents everything Vectorform loves about art and technology—change, collaboration, inspiration. Watch things unfold here, or step into the story at Step into the story on Friday, January 21 at

We worked with some amazing folks, one of our latest collaborations is with Medic Mobile and Hope Phones, a real-world charitable group featured within the Pandemic 1.0 deployment. We can’t tell you exactly how they relate to Pandemic 1.0 yet, but do a little research on The 4636 Project, and you might just figure it out. We love what these guys are doing, and we think you might too.

Demo software for the new Microsoft Surface promotional video

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – January 18, 2011

In collaboration with the Microsoft Surface team, Vectorform created the demo software for the new Microsoft Surface promotional video. Officially dubbed “Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface,” the device can be used as a table, as a wall mounted experience, or embedded in other fixtures or furniture.  For more information on the new Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface, go to the Microsoft Surface website.

Check out the video below for a preview of the Apps.

Terra X: Scene Eulau

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – February 23, 2010

The spectacular finding of the well-preserved Stone Age graves of Eulau, near Naumburg is the topic of the Terra X documentation, “Tatort Eulau”.

Three women, two men and eight children were buried 4,500 years ago, affectionately positioned in a tender embrace. In 2008 for the first time internationally, we have proof of the early existence of a nuclear family that can be studied with DNA analysis. A sensation!

But what really happened? Why did these people die at the same time? Did they become victims of a violent crime? Who were they and why did this tragedy occur? Under the direction of BKA-Profiler and with help from the most modern analysis methods, archeologists and anthropologists determined this case noteworthy. What seems to be turning into a criminal case from the Stone Age is becoming a key to an epoch of human history where many mysteries are unsolved. This could help shed light onto human life and social behavior of this region of Germany at that time.
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The Cell Explorer

Posted by Administrator – July 20, 2009


Microsoft asked Vectorform to build a solution for the School of the Future, a collaboration between Microsoft and The School District of Philadelphia, in which technology is infused into the entirety of curriculum at a high school, serving as an example for learning communities around the world. The purpose of this project was to allow stakeholders to understand the opportunities and benefits provided by Microsoft Surface. The application needed to highlight the cellular process called protein synthesis, while providing students with an informative and immersive view into the components of animal and plant cells. The solution has already received high praise from demonstrations given at this year’s National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), which was held in Washington DC.

Vectorform designed and developed a solution that focused on two components: A Cell Explorer, which allows students to browse through a Cell SVE. Users have the ability to manipulate the components of the cell, and explore more detailed information to allow granular information to be reviewed. The Protein Synthesis Lab allows students to manipulate the specific objects involved in the protein synthesis process at a high level. While strategizing the specific order of tRNA molecules that need to be inserted into the ribosome factory to satisfy the requirements of the protein being synthesized, users are presented with the creation of a polypeptide chain, which eventually turns into protein.




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