“The Ultimate Unboxing” on The Totally Rad Show

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – April 6, 2011

“I heard a crack.” We had a few reasons to get excited watching Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg and Jeff Cannata from The Totally Rad Show unboxing our Surface and playing with our apps. We’ve unboxed so many Surface units we could do it our sleep—that’s right, the power button is on the bottom—but this is a new favorite.
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Surface 2.0 meets Galactic Alliance HD

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – January 6, 2011

The multiplayer tower defense game that we all love to love is making an appearance at CES. Galactic Alliance HD is a featured demo application on the new Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface, and Vectorform execs Jason Vazzano, Kurt Steckling and Joe Engalan are on the ground at the show with promises to report back as press and industry elite get hands on with Galactic Alliance HD.

Galactic Alliance is a multi-platform title, available on Microsoft Surface and iPad, through the iTunes App Store. Galactic Alliance HD will be available for Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface upon its commercial launch.

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Taking over the galaxy one iPad at a time…

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – December 3, 2010

Galactic Alliance debuted at the top of the download charts around the globe, and hit the number one spot in Spain. This latest game title from Vectorform brings real-world four player collaboration to the iPad, and is our firm’s most popular release since Catan on Microsoft Surface.

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Galactic Alliance for the iPad

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – October 11, 2010

Bringing unique multiplayer action to the iPad, Galactic Alliance is a tower defense game that relies on cooperation to reach the next level.  Each player can place, upgrade, and sell their towers.  Use radios to jam signals and slow the enemy down, or save up for rocket bases and laser arrays to deal the most damage.  Compete for the most cash by strategic tower placement, but remember, without teamwork, you’ll never succeed against the alien incursion!

Coming to an App Store near you!

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