The Ancient Game of GO made the cut!

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – February 15, 2011

Everyone at Vectorform is delighted to see that our hard work is paying off! Coming in at # 5 on’s list titled “14 Top Board Games for Apple iPad” … is Vectorform’s version of The Ancient Game of GO!

The write up reads: “Strategy in GO is difficult but rewarding, and it will surely challenge your mind.”  We are the ones who are feeling rewarded now, and thanks to everyone for your support.  Stay tuned to our blog and Facebook page for new and exciting developments!

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Party @ CeBIT

Posted by Vectorform – February 26, 2009

Catch Vectorform at CeBIT March 3rd through March 8th.  Principles Kurt Steckling and Jason Vazzano will be onsite with Creative Director Clemens Conrad and Account Executive Sven Schneider.  The guys will be at the Microsoft booth with our Surface applications, including the ancient game of GO and Surface DJ, and a very exciting, soon-to-be announced new client. 

And if you find yourself in town for the show, join us for a celebration! Vectorform was recognized with the Client Innovation User Experience Revolution Award from Microsoft for the BMW Product Navigator, and we will receive our award March 4th at the MSDN Cinema.  We hope to catch you there, and if you want to set up an official meeting, drop us a line at

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GO is a go on Surface.

Posted by Vectorform – October 8, 2008

Authenticity is the driver for the cool ancient Chinese board game of Surface GO. When the Microsoft HPC group approached Vectorform with this concept, we jumped right in and crafted the NUI to drive home the Surface experience through intuitive gesturing game play actions, design and functionality.

Using WPF coding allowed us a shorter development time and gave our creative team the ability to make larger contributions. We used Microsoft Expression Blend to build UI elements such as clam shell and slate stones and a fully 3D rendered wood grain board.

To round out the authenticity of the experience, we added in ambient and game play sounds. Surface GO features multiple game play options including a 9×9 board, a 19×19 board, handicap options, and most exciting is that you can chose between human vs. human, AI vs. human or AI vs. AI. That’s right, you can chose from a list of GO engines and pit super computers against each other. This game has more move combinations than chess and will be featured at Microsoft PDC 2008.

Check out these design studies:

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