Vectorform Partners With Kaiser Permanente to Assess Autism Spectrum Disorder Through Innovation

Posted by Patrick Samona – July 10, 2013

Vectorform recently collaborated with the Innovation Fund for Technology group at Kaiser Permanente, one of the nation’s largest non-profit healthcare plans, to create a more engaging, consistent and standardized method of Autism assessment.

Together we successfully developed a gaming tool designed by therapists to help them assess pediatric patients who have difficulty engaging with the traditional assessment tools. The game leverages Kinect for Windows to provide body and object tracking to determine the child’s success on many of the activities and deliver an objective assessment of the child’s performance. The game activities span three disciplines: Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy.

The game, designed for children 3-12, provides an exciting, engaging, and immersive experience. The goal was to build a game that is extremely accessible, non-complex and includes simple mechanics that children with autism can quickly understand to retain their attention, prevent over-stimulation, encourage play, and prevent frustration.

One of the most notable advantages of this solution, versus traditional assessments, is the increased efficiency and cost reduction that it provides. This in turn provides therapists with the opportunity to develop more effective treatment plans. The time saved in assessing children’s capabilities can effectively allow therapists to spend more time providing treatment and therapy to their patients. This gained efficiency allows therapists to service a higher volume of patients more effectively in the same amount of time, as well as help improve patient access to services and reduce operational costs.

Other success factors for the Kinect Autism Assessment Game include:


Into the Wild. VF and the Kinect for Windows SDK beta

Posted by Administrator – June 17, 2011

Kinect Test

The Vectorform team was all smiles and downloads when Microsoft released the Kinect for Windows SDK Beta yesterday. Our friend Steve Clayton over at Microsoft was quoted on PC Magazine saying “The community that has blossomed since the launch of Kinect for Xbox 360 in November shows the breadth of invention and depth of imagination possible when people have access to ground-breaking technology…Already, researchers, academics and enthusiasts are thinking through what’s next in natural and intuitive technology.”
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Physical Rehab via Kinect for Xbox 360: make it happen in Haiti!

Posted by Administrator – May 17, 2011

I love Vectorform because:

  1. We built a demo for physical rehabilitation via Kinect for Xbox 360
  2. That demo stole the show at a tech demo day by Kaiser Permanente focused on gamification because it presented a fun way to support physical rehab and exercise for kids, and tracked response accuracy
  3. The mastermind behind using Kinect for literacy in South Africa made us aware of the Haitian Amputee Mother’s Alliance
  4. Asked if we could possibly help, I presented their work providing prosthetic limbs and rehabilitative services for victims of the earthquake to my boss, who gave me a two-word answer:
  5. Do It.

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Our work for Fiat, ala GQ’s Best Stuff

Posted by Administrator – May 11, 2011


Fiat has been on the move, launching the Fiat 500 Hatchback and revealing the Cabrio at the New York Auto Show. We’ve been moving and shaking along with them, as they take a creative approach to marketing the vehicle, allowing consumers to touch and interact with the vehicle in completely new and eclectic ways. We debuted a Kinect-powered giant mosaic for Fiat at the North American International Auto Show. Then we did it again at The FADER FORT by FIAT, complimented with a Windows 7 Digital Kaleidoscope. Now those big digital installations have made their way to the big city courtesy of Vectorform’s Karl Steckling, Kevin Foreman and Frances Calandra.
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Vectorform in focus on Health Tech Today

Posted by Administrator – May 5, 2011

Vectorform-HealthTechToday-11-0504Here I am with Dr. Bill Crounse of Microsoft’s Health Tech Today, “a weekly online series providing cutting-edge stories at the intersection of health and information technology.” Yesterday’s interview with Dr. Crounse focused on three of Vectorform’s medical solutions: our Windows Phone 7 Mobile Med; Sony MD2GO, which runs on Windows 7, Windows 7 Slate, and any broswer-based, multi-touch enabled device; and a demo for kids’ physical rehab via Kinect for Xbox 360—which I performed on-camera!
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We’re reading about Kinect improving literacy in South Africa

Posted by Administrator – March 31, 2011

Not us, but pretty amazing. TechNet reports on use of Kinect to support learning in Lakeside Park Primary in Vryheid, KwaZulu-Natal. Kinect technology has certainly been a game-changer–for Microsoft, for digital experience folk like us, and now for young learners in a small school in South Africa.

The big digital ticket: Vectorform does The FADER FORT by FIAT

Posted by Administrator – March 19, 2011


Thank you, Austin! We did virtual worlds. A South by Southwest Interactive Award. And as our final act, a mixed media installation at the FADER FORT by FIAT.
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More digital, more video, more Vectorform firepower @ SXSW

Posted by Administrator – March 14, 2011

As you may have heard, The AP Timeline Reader we created in HTML5 for The Associated Press, is up for an award for technical achievement, but we’ve had a few surprises brewing for South By Southwest. Today we will debut Foursquare Playground and turn a social network of text and images into a stylish isometric perspective–to celebrate the release of IE9, and foursquare’s (awesome) new API. Later in the week we will unveil our latest brand experience for the Fiat 500 at the world-famous FADER FORT by FIAT, to let car and music lovers blend brand assets, FADER media, and user generated content into one of the world’s largest vision-based interactive mosaics, using a Kinect sensor and motion sensing technologies with Windows 7.

We’ve got that and more going on at this year’s SXSW, so check back here, or follow us on Twitter — and watch the video below.

Want more information? Request a copy of our press release here.

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