Vectorform hearts Fast Company

Posted by Administrator – May 14, 2009

Fast Company gets circulated around Vectorform every month, so we are thrilled that one-and-a-half of our apps were featured in Chris Dannen’s 11 Killer Apps for Microsoft Surface. The article provides information and videos for 11 applications created for the Microsoft Surface.

Our MSNBC Election Experience, created for political analyst Chuck Todd and NBC Universal, made the list, and we got some indirect coverage for a demo application created in partnership with FD Kenisis for Coldwell Banker. FD Kenisis, Coldwell Banker’s Agency of Record created a concept and UX for Coldwell Banker’s Home Search Application. We developed the application incorporating Live Maps and Coldwell Banker’s Existing web services.

We’ve got our fingers crossed that the BMW Product Navigator and SurfaceDJ round the list out to a lucky 13!

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CES 2009

Posted by Vectorform – January 10, 2009

First off: Wow!

Vectorform has had a blast at CES. Our NBC Universal apps and the managed experience has been a huge hit. The NBC reps handed out 2GB SD disc jump drives in a Surface tagged package that were coded so that as people set down their package, they either received a notice saying “Winner” and received really cool novelties like a toaster powered by USB, or another message to visit the wall of media to download content to their new jumps. People were fanatic about it and NBC ran out of jump drives at the middle of day two. Mobbed! So, today people are slowing down to take the time to interact with the Surface and discover the content, which is really the magic of it.

Now I’m taking a little break here to blog from the NBC blogger lounge, appreciate the gratuity of the NBC folks over the past few days as well as throughout our projects with them and to view the crowds’ continued interest in the Surface. People are really taking the time to engage with NBC’s content, likely spending more time with it then they may have in the past and having a better experience overall. Adding a whole new dimension to what media can do to people by adding the sense of touch to sight, audio and emotional connections. Its just the beginning of something really big in the Multi-touch realm. As we wrap up here, things seem to be a little more quite today. We are continuing to meet some fascinating people and see interesting technologies.

Me? I’m getting geared up for what lays in wait for us at the NRF…not necessarily geared up for the red-eye that I’m catching tonight. More from New York tomorrow!

As seen in the New York Times

Posted by Vectorform – December 3, 2008

Sifting through some of the new press Vectorform has received post-BMW Configuration release, and was surprised by a write-up in the New York Times. The article is an oldie but goodie, referencing last month’s highlights, including: the Vect-O’Lantern, NBC, and SNL’s MegaPixel Touch Map.

Check it out:
Microsoft Surface in the wild

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This Just In-Weekend Update Debuts MegaPixel Giant Touch Map

Posted by Vectorform – October 28, 2008

It is wildly gratifying when an application you helped create provides a little bit of inspiration for a Saturday Night Live skit. Poking equal amounts of fun at the different multi-touch political news apps out there, including NBC’s Electoral Surface Applications, this skit had all of Vectorform in stitches. See the video below for some interesting political scenarios, including New Hampshire’s secession from the US.

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The Surface continues to head the battlefront for NBC…

Posted by Vectorform – September 22, 2008

Check out Chuck Todd as he shows pharmacy in canada off more features of the application we built for MSNBC featuring several new poll panels as scatterview items, viagra 50 mg and navigating to the Pennsylvania state map. Be sure to stay tuned to NBC and Chuck Todd on the TODAY buy viagra Show throughout the election season for more reports on the Microsoft Surface. 7:00 – 7:30 am (the country’s most-watched morning television program.)

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