Virtual Colonoscopy Viewer at TechFest, experts weigh in

Posted by Administrator – March 17, 2011

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer related deaths, but the death rate is impacted by the ability to quickly and efficiently screen for polyps before they can develop. The Virtual Colonoscopy (VC) Viewer is a revolutionary collaboration between Microsoft, Intel, Vectorform and Massachusetts General Hospital, winning top honors at RSNA 2010.

Vectorform’s multi-touch user interface allows physicians to view and manipulate a 3D rendering of a patient’s colon. Using software to translate a series of CT scans into a 3D representation, the VC Viewer provides physicians with life-like imagery and seamless navigation using natural gestures including pan, zoom, pinch, traverse and rotate. This Natural User Interface (NUI) solution was highlighted at TechFest 2011, which brings Microsoft researchers and Microsoft product teams together in Redmond, WA for an event where attendees see the innovative technologies emerging from Microsoft’s research efforts.
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From the NAIAS, with love.

Posted by Administrator – March 10, 2011

At the 2011 North American International Auto Show the future of Fiat came to life with a large-scale motion-controlled digital mosaic. Along with Fiat’s brand agency Impatto, we celebrated the debut of the Fiat 500 with one of the world’s largest vision-based Natural User Interfaces.

GO is a go on Surface.

Posted by Vectorform – October 8, 2008

Authenticity is the driver for the cool ancient Chinese board game of Surface GO. When the Microsoft HPC group approached Vectorform with this concept, we jumped right in and crafted the NUI to drive home the Surface experience through intuitive gesturing game play actions, design and functionality.

Using WPF coding allowed us a shorter development time and gave our creative team the ability to make larger contributions. We used Microsoft Expression Blend to build UI elements such as clam shell and slate stones and a fully 3D rendered wood grain board.

To round out the authenticity of the experience, we added in ambient and game play sounds. Surface GO features multiple game play options including a 9×9 board, a 19×19 board, handicap options, and most exciting is that you can chose between human vs. human, AI vs. human or AI vs. AI. That’s right, you can chose from a list of GO engines and pit super computers against each other. This game has more move combinations than chess and will be featured at Microsoft PDC 2008.

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