Tracking Hurricane Sandy on Toolbox using Windows 8

Posted by Administrator – October 29, 2012

While our New York team prepares for Hurricane Sandy, we’re tracking the storm, staying current on alerts, and keeping updates on friends and family. Toolbox is making it easy to do all three (and more) on one screen, on the go. It’s a free download, already rated over 4/5 stars.

Stay safe, friends.

Check out the video:
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Vectorform’s Sumit Mathur on Apps Market

Posted by Administrator – July 6, 2011

Last week Vectorform India President Sumit Mathur lent his insight to a feature on the growing market for apps. Over on Cyber Media Online Limited ( Sumit predicts that our future success in the India market lies specifically in the application development of the Android and Windows platforms. “We at Vectorform use technology and innovation, mixed with common sense to develop applications for web, interactive and multi-touch platforms,” Sumit explains. “Because we witness a surge in downloading apps from Android and Windows in the India market, we will focus on this market.  There is a need for better apps development, and there is great possibility to create good apps in the future.”  Read the full CIOL article here.

“The Ultimate Unboxing” on The Totally Rad Show

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – April 6, 2011

“I heard a crack.” We had a few reasons to get excited watching Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg and Jeff Cannata from The Totally Rad Show unboxing our Surface and playing with our apps. We’ve unboxed so many Surface units we could do it our sleep—that’s right, the power button is on the bottom—but this is a new favorite.
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Expression Interactivity Behaviors

Posted by Administrator – March 23, 2009

One of the coolest features of Blend3/WPF4 is Behaviors and Actions.
If you haven’t heard of them before, check out
Now, if only they shared the body behaviors…
Porting this to the Surface will really help boost our Surface productivity!!!

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SurfaceDJ on iPhone

Posted by Vectorform – March 6, 2009

Vectorform’s latest addition to the Apple iPhone App Store, SurfaceDJ, is a fun and simple to use music mixing application featuring over 40 custom loops created by Vectorform’s multi-touch developer and basement musician, DJ Kev. With 5 default songs and over 40 custom loops to choose from, you can create personal mixes that are all your own. Record your mixes and play them back for all your fans. Both novices and experienced musicians alike will find SurfaceDJ to be a fun, easy and unique way to interact with music.

SurfaceDJ is the premiere music experience from Vectorform. Watch for more to come from the leaders in multi-touch solutions.

Download SurfaceDJ from iTunes.

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Party @ CeBIT

Posted by Vectorform – February 26, 2009

Catch Vectorform at CeBIT March 3rd through March 8th.  Principles Kurt Steckling and Jason Vazzano will be onsite with Creative Director Clemens Conrad and Account Executive Sven Schneider.  The guys will be at the Microsoft booth with our Surface applications, including the ancient game of GO and Surface DJ, and a very exciting, soon-to-be announced new client. 

And if you find yourself in town for the show, join us for a celebration! Vectorform was recognized with the Client Innovation User Experience Revolution Award from Microsoft for the BMW Product Navigator, and we will receive our award March 4th at the MSDN Cinema.  We hope to catch you there, and if you want to set up an official meeting, drop us a line at

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Multi-touch at the NAIAS 2009

Posted by Vectorform – January 22, 2009

A big splash for Vectorform at the NAIAS 2009…multiple doses of multi-touch experiences created for the Chrysler 200C concept vehicle unveil.  

From a multi-touch dashboard that interfaces with a mobile touch screen phone, to a completely seperate MS Surface experience demonstrating the multi-touch capapbilities using…multi-touch.  Unveiled and recieving a ton of publicity.

Future of Vehicle Connectivity – Chrysler 200C

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National Retail Federation “The Big Show 2009″

Posted by Vectorform – January 13, 2009

People were out at the NRF this year and Vectorform’s retail multi-touch applications were well recieved. The NRF, in partnership with Hybridia Design, produced a conceptual music store called the Sonic Bar, which showcased how technology can be immersed in the customer experience. Vectorform was invited to contribute to the experience by creating a couple of POC’s based on a retail music store using the Surface and WinTouch platforms. 

Once again, multi-touch was a big hit. The audience was very global and really excited by the technology, our applications and the possibilites, which are seemingly endless. Other features in the Sonic Bar customer experience were the Xbox 360, touch kiosks, promotional scanning systems, Microsoft Snag it tagging system, a DJ booth and an experiential marketing video wall presentation featuring a full audio and lighting rig.  Another really cool thing to point out was the Wayfinding kiosks around the convention that used Win7 and touch technology to help guest find vendors by company or offering and then printed out a little map for you to take with you, along with the contact information for that company. While it was very kiosk-like, it offered a nicer interface and an overall better user expeirence. 

As we wrap up here, I’ll be headed back to Detroit and will be sure to keep you posted on the events happeining at the NAIAS 2009. Vectorform, automobiles, multi-touch, iPhone, Surface…innovation. I can’t wait!

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CES 2009

Posted by Vectorform – January 10, 2009

First off: Wow!

Vectorform has had a blast at CES. Our NBC Universal apps and the managed experience has been a huge hit. The NBC reps handed out 2GB SD disc jump drives in a Surface tagged package that were coded so that as people set down their package, they either received a notice saying “Winner” and received really cool novelties like a toaster powered by USB, or another message to visit the wall of media to download content to their new jumps. People were fanatic about it and NBC ran out of jump drives at the middle of day two. Mobbed! So, today people are slowing down to take the time to interact with the Surface and discover the content, which is really the magic of it.

Now I’m taking a little break here to blog from the NBC blogger lounge, appreciate the gratuity of the NBC folks over the past few days as well as throughout our projects with them and to view the crowds’ continued interest in the Surface. People are really taking the time to engage with NBC’s content, likely spending more time with it then they may have in the past and having a better experience overall. Adding a whole new dimension to what media can do to people by adding the sense of touch to sight, audio and emotional connections. Its just the beginning of something really big in the Multi-touch realm. As we wrap up here, things seem to be a little more quite today. We are continuing to meet some fascinating people and see interesting technologies.

Me? I’m getting geared up for what lays in wait for us at the NRF…not necessarily geared up for the red-eye that I’m catching tonight. More from New York tomorrow!

Happy New Year from Vectorform!

Posted by Vectorform – January 9, 2009

So what is 2009 going to bring? Well if our January antics are the prelude, we’re in for quite a show. Starting off with turning 10 years old, showing off a new brand identity, our first iPhone app, CodeMash in Cleveland, CES in Vegas, NRF in New York and wrapping it up with the 2009 NAIAS in our hometown of Detroit…Whew! It’s a wonder we were able to look out the window and see the snow fall in December, well there’s no snow at our Hyderabad office, but you know what I mean.

Details? Well, I’m going to take a little liberty to sneak outside of the ‘Surface Only’ blog for a moment…

*10 years old: Growing up and in need of a new brand identity. What did we find out? Vectorform has become a place where employees feel comfortable and valued, like a family, and that creates a culture that is innovative and exciting, with people who are passionate about the work that they do and supported to bust out and try new things, meeting employee and client needs alike. Happy Birthday, Vectorform!

*iPhone: Debuting in the iPhone app business with the SurfaceDJ, and it looks like it’s being picked up at a good rate. Definitely more to come in this realm.

*CodeMash in Sandusky, Ohio: Our lead Tech Dev., Joe Engalan will be speaking at 11am on Thursday, Jan 8th about multi-touch developing and demonstrating apps that we’ve been working on.

*CES in Las Vegas: already making a splash with our NBC SurfaceDJ in the NBC booth, you just have to check out Al Roker’s dance moves. Yeah, it’s for entertainment…but just think if each little head were bits of information that were being passed around the world?

*NRF New York, NY: This year Microsoft invited Vectorform to take part in their future of music concept store “Sonic” at the National Retail Federation “The Big Show” in New York at the Javits Center. Adapting one of our retail prototypes to match the music realm, we’ll be featuring not only a Surface app, but also a Windows7 application featured on a TouchTV Networks screen. Yeah, Big Stuff….

*Last, and certainly not least..NAIAS in Detroit, Michigan we’ve been brewing a good one. For what feels like a really, really long time we’ve given up, and missed like crazy, some of our swankiest developers to work onsite at Chrysler on a top secret integrated multi-touch development that will be unveiled at the 2009 NAIAS in Detroit…that’s still all we can say! Be sure to check it out!

For now, that’s what we have going on. In the little moments when we come up for air, we’ll keep blogging with the happenings in the tech world.

Thanks for stopping by!

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