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Posted by Zak Sarakun – May 15, 2015


In this new weekly blog series, we will be highlighting some of the trending design and tech stories that have been creating some buzz throughout our offices here at Vectorform.

Here are some of the articles that had our team talking this week…


Employee Spotlight: Rich Geyer

Posted by Alison Atwell – February 28, 2014

“I think this picture of myself pretty much sums me up. I’m a very happy guy who enjoys laughing and having a good time. Another fun fact is that this picture was taken at our own Kevin Foreman’s wedding by a former Vectorformer.”

Rich Geyer

Senior Interactive Developer

Years at VF: Almost 5

Years in the technology industry: Almost 5

 What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was little the first thing I ever wanted to be was a hot dog salesman. One of the guys with a little cart and umbrella that sets up shop in a parking lot! To this day my family likes to remind me of my younger aspirations. Fortunately for me, I discovered programming instead. I will say though, that I can still grill up a pretty good hot dog when needed.

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Introducing: Vectorform Labs

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – June 14, 2011


Ask and you shall receive.  At long last Vectorform brings you, Written by the ladies and gentlemen who work in “The Pit”, Vectorform Labs consists of exclusive, never before seen content. Follow the production process, and learn how an idea evolves into a complex multi-touch experience. Explore the world’s leading technology with Vectorform Labs and get deep into the thoughts of Team Vectorform.

Tune in and buckle up, it’s going to be an exciting ride.

The big digital ticket: Vectorform does The FADER FORT by FIAT

Posted by Administrator – March 19, 2011


Thank you, Austin! We did virtual worlds. A South by Southwest Interactive Award. And as our final act, a mixed media installation at the FADER FORT by FIAT.
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Business 2 Community on Foursquare Playground, Vectorform’s busy month

Posted by Administrator – March 17, 2011

“SXSW has been an exciting — albeit busy — time for global design and technology firm Vectorform. Not only did they take home the SXSW Award in Technical Achievement on Tuesday night for their involvement with the AP Timeline Reader, but they’ve also teamed up with some major brand names (think Foursquare, Microsoft, and Fiat’s brand agency, Impatto) to provide users a cutting edge experience.” Renee DeCoskey hits the nail on the head, and goes in-depth on our HTML5 experience, Foursquare Playground, over at Business 2 Community.

Check it out, and while there, we also recommend B2C’s coverage of Foursquare’s growth from six to seven million users, all between January and February of this year. With Foursquare Playground officially open for business, it will be interesting to see what March and April bring.

As for our work with Foursquare, Microsoft and Fiat/Impatto, it is a busy and exciting time. Our next SXSW spotlight hits on a Fiat brand experience, and the continued efforts of the Vectorform squad in Austin, Texas, so stay tuned here.

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Pandemic 1.0 at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – January 21, 2011

We’ve teamed up with award winning writer and director Lance Weiler. Recognized by WIRED magazine as “One of twenty-five people helping to re-invent entertainment and change the face of Hollywood” and by BUSINESSWEEK as “One of the 18 Who Changed Hollywood”, the director’s story world opens to the public January 20, 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Pandemic 1.0 represents everything Vectorform loves about art and technology—change, collaboration, inspiration. Watch things unfold here, or step into the story at Step into the story on Friday, January 21 at

We worked with some amazing folks, one of our latest collaborations is with Medic Mobile and Hope Phones, a real-world charitable group featured within the Pandemic 1.0 deployment. We can’t tell you exactly how they relate to Pandemic 1.0 yet, but do a little research on The 4636 Project, and you might just figure it out. We love what these guys are doing, and we think you might too.

Microsoft Interviews Dominic Espinosa

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – September 20, 2010

Just recently Vectorform’s Dominic Espinosa gave an interview with Microsoft. Watch the interview from the link below and learn about Dominic’s experience developing an interactive website for the Associated Press, which takes full advantage of the latest web standards and technologies supported in Internet Explorer 9.

Microsoft Showcase: Developer Interview With Vectorform

At long last… Tatort Eulau – Terra X

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – September 3, 2010

The spectacular finding of the well-preserved Stone Age graves of Eulau, near Naumburg is the topic of the Terra X documentation, “Tatort Eulau”. Almost a year ago, Vectorform was on site in Halle, Germany with our Microsoft Surface for the  production of the documentary. A special thanks goes out to the VF team who made all this happen in a week, Sven Schneider, Vanessa Schaefer, Rich Geyer and Clemens Conrad. Great job team, you rock!

Tatort Eulau – Terra X
The video takes a while to buffer, but it will definitely be worth the wait. Enjoy!

 Would you like to know more? Check out our blog post from February.

Vectorform shows off at Microsoft’s “Many Screens and a Cloud” event

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – August 16, 2010

Working with the Microsoft Research Team and Massachusetts General Hospital, Vectorform’s Justin Lankes and Patrick Samona demonstrated the Virtual Colonoscopy Viewer at a recent event in Boston, MA.  Virtual Colonoscopy makes it possible to navigate through 3D images of the colon using a multi-touch platform. The goal behind this application is to reduce the time of a typical colonoscopy exam to only 5 minutes. Currently, the procedure takes 40-60 minutes. Virtual Colonoscopy requires a series of clear, high-resolution images to be taken from a CT scanner. Once the pictures are taken, the part of the exam that can be considered by patients to be “invasive” is done!  The high-res images are then fed into the application, giving the doctor the opportunity to explore and navigate through the colon, searching for polyps.   A standard colonoscopy procedure entails a doctor’s examination of the colon in real time using a fiber optic camera attached to a flexible tube; the tube then gets passed through the rectum.  As you can imagine, this can be a long and uncomfortable experience.  We hope Virtual Colonoscopy will encourage more people to opt for colon cancer screening, giving us an opportunity to save lives. 

Would you like to learn more? Check out Microsoft’s Curt Devlin’s blog post about the application and the demonstration in Boston. 

Virtual Colonoscopy will also be demonstrated at the RSNA Conference in November, stay tuned for more updates!

Terra X: Scene Eulau

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – February 23, 2010

The spectacular finding of the well-preserved Stone Age graves of Eulau, near Naumburg is the topic of the Terra X documentation, “Tatort Eulau”.

Three women, two men and eight children were buried 4,500 years ago, affectionately positioned in a tender embrace. In 2008 for the first time internationally, we have proof of the early existence of a nuclear family that can be studied with DNA analysis. A sensation!

But what really happened? Why did these people die at the same time? Did they become victims of a violent crime? Who were they and why did this tragedy occur? Under the direction of BKA-Profiler and with help from the most modern analysis methods, archeologists and anthropologists determined this case noteworthy. What seems to be turning into a criminal case from the Stone Age is becoming a key to an epoch of human history where many mysteries are unsolved. This could help shed light onto human life and social behavior of this region of Germany at that time.
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