Vectorform wins SXSW Interactive Award for AP Timeline Reader

Posted by Administrator – March 15, 2011

We heard it from our guys on the ground at South by Southwest as they were walking offstage. The AP Timeline Reader created by Vectorform won the SXSW Interactive Award for Technical Achievement.This means our work is officially the digital experience that is “re-inventing and re-defining the technical parameters of our online experience,” according to SXSW.

The HTML5/CSS3 experience is a revolutionary way to visualize, customize, and consume the news. We were anticipating a win, as were our friends over at Business 2 Community, but it is always a great feeling to have an award in-hand. Dominic Espinosa, Vectorform’s man on the ground, picked up the award. Fitting, as he was lead interaction designer on The AP Timeline Reader, and also because he also led the all-new, much-loved Vectorform project Foursquare Playground, which debuted yesterday to celebrate the launch of Internet Explorer 9 . Our entire team is thrilled by the win. “Yea, that’s right, baby!” Espinosa says.

Watch Vectorform’s SXSW teaser video, or check out the great projects from each SXSW award catagory.

We’re proud to be recognized with this award, and delighted to take some time to recognize the amazing work being done by our team. But now its back to work, because the thing about re-invention is that it never, ever stops.



More digital, more video, more Vectorform firepower @ SXSW

Posted by Administrator – March 14, 2011

As you may have heard, The AP Timeline Reader we created in HTML5 for The Associated Press, is up for an award for technical achievement, but we’ve had a few surprises brewing for South By Southwest. Today we will debut Foursquare Playground and turn a social network of text and images into a stylish isometric perspective–to celebrate the release of IE9, and foursquare’s (awesome) new API. Later in the week we will unveil our latest brand experience for the Fiat 500 at the world-famous FADER FORT by FIAT, to let car and music lovers blend brand assets, FADER media, and user generated content into one of the world’s largest vision-based interactive mosaics, using a Kinect sensor and motion sensing technologies with Windows 7.

We’ve got that and more going on at this year’s SXSW, so check back here, or follow us on Twitter — and watch the video below.

Want more information? Request a copy of our press release here.

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We’re up! AP Timeline Reader gets SXSW Interactive Award nod

Posted by Administrator – March 10, 2011

Vectorform created The AP Timeline Reader in collaboration with The Associated Press and Microsoft. Now the HTML5 site is up for a Technical Achievement Award at South by Southwest, which means our project is one of five recognized as “…re-inventing and re-defining the technical parameters of our online experience.”

How do we go about re-inventing and redefining the technical parameters of online experience? HTML5, CSS3, and pure UX magic. Hear master magician Dominic Espinosa talking about the AP Timeline Reader below, or wander over to Renee DeCoskey’s detailed overview at Business 2 Community. News reading reinvented, and it’s got pictures!

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Interviews Dominic Espinosa

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – September 20, 2010

Just recently Vectorform’s Dominic Espinosa gave an interview with Microsoft. Watch the interview from the link below and learn about Dominic’s experience developing an interactive website for the Associated Press, which takes full advantage of the latest web standards and technologies supported in Internet Explorer 9.

Microsoft Showcase: Developer Interview With Vectorform