Google I/O 2015 Experience and Feedback

Posted by Zak Sarakun – June 25, 2015


A few weeks ago, I received an email that I never thought I’d see as a devout Android developer. After many years of rejection letters and “sold out”, or “busy” messages, I received the email from Google saying I was selected to attend their Google I/O conference!

I was so excited to learn, first hand, about Google, what they were releasing soon, to see what other developers were doing. And, I was excited to talk to others about what I’ve been doing, and show them some of the great apps we’ve made here at Vectorform. Read more


Is Code the New Black? – Technology Innovation in the Fashion Industry

Posted by Jennifer Tonio – January 29, 2015

Digital Innovation Strategist and Executive Director of Vectorform Munich, Alissia Iljaitsch, reports about #fashiontechberlin – a first of its kind event to connect the fashion and tech industry at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week BerlinRead more

Creative Mornings: The Art of Rebellion

Posted by Alison Atwell – February 26, 2014

Advertising at the time of the “Think Small” campaign (1959) was colorful and loaded with copy. Volkswagen rebelled against the status quo to cut through noise, and we’re still talking about the results.

Take a moment to imagine what rebellion usually looks like.

Got it? OK.

How many things are on fire? Is there a swarming crowd? Guillotines, maybe?

Rebellion, by nature, makes a mess: Social messes, political messes, and sometimes bloody messes. Rebellion in the communication space, however, doesn’t have to be that way, according to Cal McAllister, creative director of the Wexley School for Girls, an advertising agency in Seattle. But rebellion in the communication industry can still be scary, says McAllister, to both its masterminds and its audience.

For McAllister, rebellion in communication is about cutting through noise with the truest, most genuine message you know and delivering it in a way that’s disarming and, sometimes, shocking. Maybe it’s a drunk driving message spray painted in the parking lot of a high school the day before prom (a Wexley example). Maybe it’s an international “Buy-Nothing Day.”

Read more

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Vectorform and Hidden Pineapple Reinvent Twitter Browsing on Windows 8

Posted by Administrator – July 12, 2012

Hidden Pineapple is the maker of the popular Rowi Twitter client for Windows Phone. Hidden Pineapple co-owners Nathan Heskew and Erik Porter partnered with Vectorform to design a Windows 8 app that would set them apart from other Twitter clients while staying stay true to the features that earned their Win Phone app a 4.5-star rating and thousands of downloads.

Rowi Twitter app for Windows 8

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We’re up! AP Timeline Reader gets SXSW Interactive Award nod

Posted by Administrator – March 10, 2011

Vectorform created The AP Timeline Reader in collaboration with The Associated Press and Microsoft. Now the HTML5 site is up for a Technical Achievement Award at South by Southwest, which means our project is one of five recognized as “…re-inventing and re-defining the technical parameters of our online experience.”

How do we go about re-inventing and redefining the technical parameters of online experience? HTML5, CSS3, and pure UX magic. Hear master magician Dominic Espinosa talking about the AP Timeline Reader below, or wander over to Renee DeCoskey’s detailed overview at Business 2 Community. News reading reinvented, and it’s got pictures!

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Vectorform Recognized as UX Revolutionaries

Posted by Administrator – March 17, 2009

Vectorform took home the prize for Microsoft Germany’s annual client innovation award. We won the User Experience Revolution Award for the BMW Product Navigator, and picked up our trophy at CeBIT’s MSDN Cinema. The BMW Product Navigator was built for the Microsoft Surface platform, and allows users to custom configure a 7 Series using real paint chips, leather, trim and wheel samples.

Surface in the Sauna (w/Drinks)

Posted by – August 18, 2008

At Vectorform were all about enhancing user experience, and what better way to enhance the Microsoft Surface experience then by placing it in the Vectorform Corporate Sauna. That’s right– sweltering temperatures, cedar walls and multi-touch goodness. After a series of tests we were all shocked at how well the Microsoft Surface performed at over 120 degrees.

Join us next week as our Surface stress tests continue with Surface Skydiving.

The Surface Team

Posted by Vectorform – June 20, 2008

The members of Vectorform Labs newly minted Surface team are starting to get their hands dirty and make some really sweet stuff. Our assembled A-list includes Joe, Dan and Brad, the genius minds driving new technology and interactive development, and Florin, Clemens, Aaron and John, masters in user experience, interface design and motion graphics. Today, the guys are exploring the capabilities of the Microsoft Surface SDK, as well as the applications that came preloaded on our unit, including:

• Data Visualizer
• Controls Box
• Finger Fountain
• Grand Piano
• Paddleball
• Photopaint
• Scatter Puzzle
• Shopping Cart
• Virtual Concierge

And many more…