Millions Dive into IPL Streaming Video Experience for Season Finals

Posted by Administrator – May 23, 2011

IPL-Screenshot 1
This weekend’s final matches between the Mumbai Indians versus Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings versus Royal Challengers Bangalore brought millions of visitors to a streaming video experience we created. The IPL player let cricket fans around the world tune into a life-like immersive experience complete with pause, rewind, high-def streaming and more.

We will be sharing more news and official numbers about this experience shortly, but for now be sure to checkout to see this amazing IPL experience in action!

IPL-Screenshot 2


Vectorform Debuts New Video Streaming Experience for IPL

Posted by Administrator – May 20, 2011

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a cricket league for Twenty20 competition that is reshaping the game in more ways than one, and setting a new standard in sports broadcasting via design and development from Vectorform. This year we’re helping with a brand-new streaming experience for the league, and the crowds are going wild. What’s so amazing about this player? It uses HTTP dynamic streaming, for self-adjusting quality based on a user’s internet connection. It’s just like a DVR, letting a user pause or rewind the live game. It supports live HD streaming—a first in India, and video ads can be embedded in the live stream—providing the most immersive cricket experience this side of the stadium.

Check out our work, and the latest action in the IPL, at

Sliverlight 3 Launch

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – September 29, 2009


News from VF Hyderabad…This summer the Microsoft Developer and Platform Evangelism (DPE) team invited Vectorform to take part in a Silverlight 3 Launch held at the Microsoft facility in Bangalore, India. Kicking it off with a Press Release, MS introduced Silverlight 3, followed by a technical demonstration and finally, a brief of the Nano and IPL projects Vectorform worked on.
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Vectorform on Microsoft’s Silverlight Website

Posted by Administrator – August 4, 2009

Vectorform was pleasantly surprised to discover that its Silverlight project for the new Tata Motors’ Nano is currently featured on Microsoft’s Silverlight website! The profile even features a video of Vectorform’s Hyderabad President explaining the concept of the custom made application. Vectorform was presented with the task of providing customers the opportunity to create their own Nano vehicle in 450 dealerships across India, as well as on the web, as an alternative to having the car physically present. Vectorform is honored that Microsoft decided to share the project with the world!

Learn more about the Tata Nano Experience here.