Holiday Party: Photo Booth Edition

Posted by John Einselen – December 23, 2015


What better time to geek out a little than when setting up for a social occasion filled with family and friends? For our 2015 company holiday party held in Royal Oak, Michigan, the motion graphics and human resources departments teamed up to create a custom photo booth experience for everyone to enjoy. Styles were discussed, props were collected, and development was started in Quartz Composer (a visual programming tool created by Apple).

Building a photo booth

Using an Eyefi mobiPRO card to wirelessly transmit photos as they’re taken, the system was designed to collect a batch of only the newest images, then load them one at a time at specific intervals. Once loaded from disk, the photo was processed and sent to an animation system using sample & hold patches. This gave us access to both the current and previous image, making transitions easy and efficient. Multiple animation options were created; we picked our favourites and then set them up to cycle periodically.

Sure, that part may be boring to a few, but the truly fun part is seeing everyone’s photos animating across the wall. The event was a huge success, and we all enjoyed the photo booth. In the spirit of the holidays, we’re posting our setup and the Quartz project so you can have as much fun as we did!

Fair warning: it helps if you’re already familiar with Quartz Composer.

Gear we used:

Download VectorformPhotoBooth.qtz



Happy Holidays, and have fun!



Health Tech Today’s Interview with Alison Weber

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – May 26, 2011

As you may know, Vectorform’s Alison Weber made a splash last week on Health Tech Today. Without further delay here’s the video, embedded for your viewing pleasure.


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Vectorform in focus on Health Tech Today

Posted by Administrator – May 5, 2011

Vectorform-HealthTechToday-11-0504Here I am with Dr. Bill Crounse of Microsoft’s Health Tech Today, “a weekly online series providing cutting-edge stories at the intersection of health and information technology.” Yesterday’s interview with Dr. Crounse focused on three of Vectorform’s medical solutions: our Windows Phone 7 Mobile Med; Sony MD2GO, which runs on Windows 7, Windows 7 Slate, and any broswer-based, multi-touch enabled device; and a demo for kids’ physical rehab via Kinect for Xbox 360—which I performed on-camera!
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“The Ultimate Unboxing” on The Totally Rad Show

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – April 6, 2011

“I heard a crack.” We had a few reasons to get excited watching Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg and Jeff Cannata from The Totally Rad Show unboxing our Surface and playing with our apps. We’ve unboxed so many Surface units we could do it our sleep—that’s right, the power button is on the bottom—but this is a new favorite.
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See the video, get the app. Kayak on Windows Phone 7.

Posted by Administrator – February 11, 2011

Team Vectorform travels the world, and we love our mobile phones, so we were thrilled to parter with travel giant Kayak on a Windows Phone 7 experience. Get the application free on Marketplace, or watch the video below.

The Volkswagen Sharan iPad Experience, with Video

Posted by Administrator – February 11, 2011

We love Volkswagen, and we are excited to debut a video of an iPad experience used by over 1,000 international journalists during its 2009 launch. See it below, or catch all of our video updates via Vectorform’s Facebook, or Twitter pages.

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At the Motor Show of Qatar

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – February 8, 2011

The Qatar Motor Show was the place for leading auto makers to see and be seen last week, and Vectorform Germany’s Alissia Iljaitsch and Job Plas were onsite helping Volkswagen debuted our latest collaboration—an iPad application full of specifications and media for vehicle product specialists, and slick functionality. The content-managed iPad app was a hit with the visitors on the booth, who could access the extensive glossary and request digital brochures via email. A full content management system for VW admins and a clever spin on iPad’s natural user interface made the Volkswagen Motor Show App a hit, and our team loved being part of the VW entourage, which was rounded out with a luxury SUV with gold finishing (the Touareg Gold Edition), and Dakar 2011 winners Nasser Al-Attiyah and Timo Gottschalk.

Check back for the full case study, or contact us here

Check out another highlight of the show below.

Demo software for the new Microsoft Surface promotional video

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – January 18, 2011

In collaboration with the Microsoft Surface team, Vectorform created the demo software for the new Microsoft Surface promotional video. Officially dubbed “Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface,” the device can be used as a table, as a wall mounted experience, or embedded in other fixtures or furniture.  For more information on the new Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface, go to the Microsoft Surface website.

Check out the video below for a preview of the Apps.

Galactic Alliance for the iPad

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – October 11, 2010

Bringing unique multiplayer action to the iPad, Galactic Alliance is a tower defense game that relies on cooperation to reach the next level.  Each player can place, upgrade, and sell their towers.  Use radios to jam signals and slow the enemy down, or save up for rocket bases and laser arrays to deal the most damage.  Compete for the most cash by strategic tower placement, but remember, without teamwork, you’ll never succeed against the alien incursion!

Coming to an App Store near you!

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Microsoft Interviews Dominic Espinosa

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – September 20, 2010

Just recently Vectorform’s Dominic Espinosa gave an interview with Microsoft. Watch the interview from the link below and learn about Dominic’s experience developing an interactive website for the Associated Press, which takes full advantage of the latest web standards and technologies supported in Internet Explorer 9.

Microsoft Showcase: Developer Interview With Vectorform

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