Our work for Fiat, ala GQ’s Best Stuff

Posted by Administrator – May 11, 2011


Fiat has been on the move, launching the Fiat 500 Hatchback and revealing the Cabrio at the New York Auto Show. We’ve been moving and shaking along with them, as they take a creative approach to marketing the vehicle, allowing consumers to touch and interact with the vehicle in completely new and eclectic ways. We debuted a Kinect-powered giant mosaic for Fiat at the North American International Auto Show. Then we did it again at The FADER FORT by FIAT, complimented with a Windows 7 Digital Kaleidoscope. Now those big digital installations have made their way to the big city courtesy of Vectorform’s Karl Steckling, Kevin Foreman and Frances Calandra.
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Foursquare Playground in Mix Keynote

Posted by Administrator – April 12, 2011

Last month Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 at SXSW, and partnered with foursquare to launch Foursquare Playground, an experience designed and developed by Vectorform. Foursquare Playground is a virtual world of check-ins, where buildings grow, avatars drop by in real-time, and the mayor’s portrait hangs on every wall. We were thrilled to see Foursquare Playground as the first featured site during the IE9 keynote where Microsoft exec Ari Bixhorn highlighted Foursquare Playground’s use of the HTML5 geolocation capability, Bing Maps integration, and real-time check-in data.
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James Brolin, Dean Cain get hands on with Vectorform app

Posted by Administrator – March 31, 2011

Vectorform’s work hits the big screen on the high seas! Our digital postcard application for Royal Caribbean made its debut in Royal Reunion, a short film directed by James Brolin, and got prime placement on the Royal Caribbean Ocean View Films site. The Windows 7, multi-touch enabled video postcard creator is featured in the first scene, but keep your eyes peeled for additional cameos from Dean Cain, Shrek, and the director–who plays the family patriarch celebrating a 40th wedding anniversary at sea.
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The big digital ticket: Vectorform does The FADER FORT by FIAT

Posted by Administrator – March 19, 2011


Thank you, Austin! We did virtual worlds. A South by Southwest Interactive Award. And as our final act, a mixed media installation at the FADER FORT by FIAT.
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Virtual Colonoscopy Viewer at TechFest, experts weigh in

Posted by Administrator – March 17, 2011

Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer related deaths, but the death rate is impacted by the ability to quickly and efficiently screen for polyps before they can develop. The Virtual Colonoscopy (VC) Viewer is a revolutionary collaboration between Microsoft, Intel, Vectorform and Massachusetts General Hospital, winning top honors at RSNA 2010.

Vectorform’s multi-touch user interface allows physicians to view and manipulate a 3D rendering of a patient’s colon. Using software to translate a series of CT scans into a 3D representation, the VC Viewer provides physicians with life-like imagery and seamless navigation using natural gestures including pan, zoom, pinch, traverse and rotate. This Natural User Interface (NUI) solution was highlighted at TechFest 2011, which brings Microsoft researchers and Microsoft product teams together in Redmond, WA for an event where attendees see the innovative technologies emerging from Microsoft’s research efforts.
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More digital, more video, more Vectorform firepower @ SXSW

Posted by Administrator – March 14, 2011

As you may have heard, The AP Timeline Reader we created in HTML5 for The Associated Press, is up for an award for technical achievement, but we’ve had a few surprises brewing for South By Southwest. Today we will debut Foursquare Playground and turn a social network of text and images into a stylish isometric perspective–to celebrate the release of IE9, and foursquare’s (awesome) new API. Later in the week we will unveil our latest brand experience for the Fiat 500 at the world-famous FADER FORT by FIAT, to let car and music lovers blend brand assets, FADER media, and user generated content into one of the world’s largest vision-based interactive mosaics, using a Kinect sensor and motion sensing technologies with Windows 7.

We’ve got that and more going on at this year’s SXSW, so check back here, or follow us on Twitter — and watch the video below.

Want more information? Request a copy of our press release here.

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Vectorform Applications at the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Posted by Lindsay Lamb – December 9, 2009

News from Vectorform Germany. “Neue Arbeiten” (“new kinds of work”) was the event theme of the IHK and Microsoft Event in Bochum. At this event there was a presentation of the MS Surface and the 24’’ and a 46’’ Multi-touch Citron Displays. The special focus of this event was how modern ways of cooperation and communication can sustainably change companies. Vectorform provided various solutions out of different market segments on MS Surface and the Multi-touch displays and revealed the future potentials that lie within the use of Windows 7 and Multi-touch applications.
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National Retail Federation “The Big Show 2009″

Posted by Vectorform – January 13, 2009

People were out at the NRF this year and Vectorform’s retail multi-touch applications were well recieved. The NRF, in partnership with Hybridia Design, produced a conceptual music store called the Sonic Bar, which showcased how technology can be immersed in the customer experience. Vectorform was invited to contribute to the experience by creating a couple of POC’s based on a retail music store using the Surface and WinTouch platforms. 

Once again, multi-touch was a big hit. The audience was very global and really excited by the technology, our applications and the possibilites, which are seemingly endless. Other features in the Sonic Bar customer experience were the Xbox 360, touch kiosks, promotional scanning systems, Microsoft Snag it tagging system, a DJ booth and an experiential marketing video wall presentation featuring a full audio and lighting rig.  Another really cool thing to point out was the Wayfinding kiosks around the convention that used Win7 and touch technology to help guest find vendors by company or offering and then printed out a little map for you to take with you, along with the contact information for that company. While it was very kiosk-like, it offered a nicer interface and an overall better user expeirence. 

As we wrap up here, I’ll be headed back to Detroit and will be sure to keep you posted on the events happeining at the NAIAS 2009. Vectorform, automobiles, multi-touch, iPhone, Surface…innovation. I can’t wait!

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Happy New Year from Vectorform!

Posted by Vectorform – January 9, 2009

So what is 2009 going to bring? Well if our January antics are the prelude, we’re in for quite a show. Starting off with turning 10 years old, showing off a new brand identity, our first iPhone app, CodeMash in Cleveland, CES in Vegas, NRF in New York and wrapping it up with the 2009 NAIAS in our hometown of Detroit…Whew! It’s a wonder we were able to look out the window and see the snow fall in December, well there’s no snow at our Hyderabad office, but you know what I mean.

Details? Well, I’m going to take a little liberty to sneak outside of the ‘Surface Only’ blog for a moment…

*10 years old: Growing up and in need of a new brand identity. What did we find out? Vectorform has become a place where employees feel comfortable and valued, like a family, and that creates a culture that is innovative and exciting, with people who are passionate about the work that they do and supported to bust out and try new things, meeting employee and client needs alike. Happy Birthday, Vectorform!

*iPhone: Debuting in the iPhone app business with the SurfaceDJ, and it looks like it’s being picked up at a good rate. Definitely more to come in this realm.

*CodeMash in Sandusky, Ohio: Our lead Tech Dev., Joe Engalan will be speaking at 11am on Thursday, Jan 8th about multi-touch developing and demonstrating apps that we’ve been working on.

*CES in Las Vegas: already making a splash with our NBC SurfaceDJ in the NBC booth, you just have to check out Al Roker’s dance moves. Yeah, it’s for entertainment…but just think if each little head were bits of information that were being passed around the world?

*NRF New York, NY: This year Microsoft invited Vectorform to take part in their future of music concept store “Sonic” at the National Retail Federation “The Big Show” in New York at the Javits Center. Adapting one of our retail prototypes to match the music realm, we’ll be featuring not only a Surface app, but also a Windows7 application featured on a TouchTV Networks screen. Yeah, Big Stuff….

*Last, and certainly not least..NAIAS in Detroit, Michigan we’ve been brewing a good one. For what feels like a really, really long time we’ve given up, and missed like crazy, some of our swankiest developers to work onsite at Chrysler on a top secret integrated multi-touch development that will be unveiled at the 2009 NAIAS in Detroit…that’s still all we can say! Be sure to check it out!

For now, that’s what we have going on. In the little moments when we come up for air, we’ll keep blogging with the happenings in the tech world.

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